The Most Common Office Hazards and How to Reduce Their Risks

The Most Common Office Hazards and How to Reduce Their Risks
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    An office in a fancy building may appear like a safe space, but there are many dangers lurking around.

    These things often go unnoticed because the consequences are usually attributed to clumsiness like paper cuts and bumping into furniture.


But the truth is, these are caused by poor lighting and clutter which may lead to some other more serious issues, as well.

The right way to approach workplace safety is by assessing the potential hazards and then coming up with the solutions. And paying attention to these most common office hazards and knowing how to reduce their risks will help you start creating a safer environment for employees.

Poor lighting conditions

Lights are very important in office space since eyestrain can lead to serious medical issues as well as negatively affect productivity. It can both help the employees see better and improve their mood. The latter especially applies to natural light, so don’t cover the windows too much and even install bigger if you can.

If you depend on artificial lights, make sure that the office is well lit. Every workstation should have their own light as well as overhead fixtures intended for the whole room. LED bulbs are the best solution since they don’t consume much energy and last longer.

Uncomfortable office furniture

Employees spend on average eight hours a day at the office, mostly in sedentary position glued to computer screens. This excess period of sitting is already considered a health hazard which can have a serious impact on the body and mind.

One of the ways to make your employees more comfortable and possibly prevent this issue is by providing them with ergonomic furniture.

Height adjustable desks and ergonomic chairs are a good way to start, but you can take it a little further as well. Encourage your employees to take frequent breaks to walk and stretch during the working hours.

Getting them a discount at the local gym or yoga studio would also be a nice addition to upgrading the office furniture.

Improperly stored chemicals

Glues, cleaning agents and other chemicals should be stored inside a closed cabinet and away from the occupied room. Vapors from improperly closed containers and bottles can cause nausea, dizziness and breathing problems.

One of the possible solutions is to designate a small room with appropriate ventilation to store these chemicals. Also, limit the number of people authorized to handle these chemicals to avoid accidents and injuries caused by inexperience.

Slippery floors

Slippery floors happen more often than you would think and can cause serious injuries in the office environment. Wet floors, accidental spills, and even carpets are known to lead to slips and falls. To avoid these, set up wet floor signs around any spillage or wetness until cleaning personnel takes care of it.  

Clutter all around

If you are wondering how to avoid office hazards caused by files, paper, and boxes, the answer is to declutter the office.  Just like any space, the office tends to get overstuffed even with all the cabinets and shelves in place. If possible, go paperless which will be eco-friendly and economic at the same time.

Otherwise, start picking the boxes from the floors and clear the pathways to emergency exits. Rent a storage facility where you can archive the old files so they don’t litter the office. The same applies to unnecessary equipment you can donate or send to recycling.

other valuable tips:

Faulty HVAC system

During summer and winter, the HVAC system is working in full capacity and affecting the air quality in the room. Regular maintenance will make sure that your employees work in a healthy environment without pathogens and dust that could make them sick. Namely, air pollution leads to asthma and other lung conditions so addressing this before it even becomes an issue is important.

Encourage your employees to open the windows from time to time to let fresh air circulate the rooms no matter the weather. Installing a filtration system is an excellent solution, but if not possible, cleaning and servicing of HVAC will be enough.


These are the most common office hazards and you should determine others based on your business and workplace. Strategies to reduce their risks should be a priority to ensure employee safety and minimize injuries.

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