Avoid the Biggest Mistakes Companies Make With the Cloud

Avoid the Biggest Mistakes Companies Make With the Cloud
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    Making the switch to the cloud can be a big decision for any company.

    But if you’re not careful, you’ll end up making some costly mistakes.


Despite its advantages and multiple benefits, the cloud still comes with its own set of challenges. Learn how to avoid the biggest mistakes companies make with the cloud if you plan to make the switch sometime soon.

Failing To Do Proper Research

Not all cloud systems and plans provide the same services, and not every cloud service provider (CSP) is the same. Not every cloud type—public, private, or hybrid—is a good fit for every business.

Look into the finer details, and ask around to ensure that you’re making the best decision for your company.

Failing To Consider Security Risks

The cloud is not immune to security risks. In fact, because of its constant evolution, it can be even more vulnerable to security threats.

While there are solutions to help mitigate these risks, you should be aware of them and take additional steps to ensure your data stays safe.

Investing in the Wrong Infrastructure

Just because you’re moving to the cloud doesn’t mean you need to ditch all your current infrastructure. In fact, it’s often best to keep your on-premises and cloud infrastructures working together.

Make sure you’re investing in the right mix of systems to make your move to the cloud as smooth as possible.

Not Planning for Growth

Growth is inevitable in any business. While you may not need more extensive plans and resources right away, those needs will change as your business grows.

Make sure you have a cloud provider that offers scalable solutions so that you can easily add more resources when you need them.

Not Training Employees Properly

One of the most significant advantages of the cloud is its flexibility. But that flexibility only works if your employees know how to utilize it.

Make sure you’re providing adequate training for your team, and they’ll be able to take full advantage of all that the cloud has to offer.

How To Avoid These Mistakes

A good understanding of these mistakes will help you avoid them in your own transition to the cloud. But you can do a few other things to ensure a successful move. The best way to avoid making these mistakes is to partner with a managed cloud service provider (MCSP).

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There are quite a few advantages to MCSPs, but the main thing to know is that they have the expertise and experience to help your company understand, plan for, and execute a successful cloud migration and integration.

At the end of the day, the best way to avoid the biggest mistakes companies make with the cloud is to learn from other people’s mistakes and understand what you’re getting into.

Utilizing cloud servers, storage, and applications is a great way to improve your business efficiency and productivity—but only if you use them correctly. With the help of an MCSP, you can make sure your company makes the most out of this innovative technology.

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