Is Your Business Suffering from a Decrease in Workflow?

Is Your Business Suffering from a Decrease in Workflow?
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    Working in a medical office is more challenging than ever.

    That's why you need to make sure that you are able to manage and improve your workflow as best as possible.


If you find that your workflow is decreasing, then it is time to make some necessary steps in order to get your patients through the system faster and with better results. Here are some proven tips that will allow you to better manage your workflow.

1). Increase communications

In any office, everyone should know what everyone else is doing. People should not assume that the task is being taken care of by someone else. One of the top ways to increase communication between people and teams is to have a large board that spells out each person’s tasks.

The board can update as to which tasks have been completed and which tasks need to be done. It is a good idea to have this board placed in a high traffic area where people can be updated at a glance.

2). Keep desks organized

This sounds like an overly simplistic idea. However, having an organized desk can go a long way in increasing productivity. How much time has been lost because a certain document or a tool has gone missing?

The office or the individual worker should invest in organizational shelves that can help keep documents in their place. Also, each desk should have a place to store stationery to help clear out the front of the desk.

3). Use a workflow app

One of the most effective ways to increase workflow is to invest in a workflow app. Right now, there are a number of companies that specialize in clinical workflow apps that can help medical offices which everything from scheduling to patient status to billing.

With these apps, anyone in the office can access any type of information from their device. That means people don’t have to waste valuable time trying to get the information from one physical location.

4). Prioritize difficult tasks

Usually, the most difficult tasks take up the most amount of time. That’s why it is a good idea to get these tasks done early in the morning. This prevents a backlog of work throughout the day. If you can get your important tasks done by the first or the second hour of the office day or shift, that means you can be ready for any unexpected rush later in the day.

5). End multitasking

There was a time when people thought that multi-tasking was the best way to get more work done. Today we have learned that multitasking only succeeds in creating less quality work. In certain cases, multi-tasking can lead to loss of time, loss of money or medical error.

The best thing to do is to concentrate on one task at a time. Even if your office is facing a rush of work, you will be able to get more done by giving one task your complete attention and then moving on to the next task.

other valuable tips:

6). Remove waste from your workflow

In every workflow, there are inefficiencies. Some of these time wastes may include looking up information in an untimely matter, dealing with intermediates and poor communication between people and team. It is a good idea to identify what is eating most of your time and then look for a solution to remove that waste from your office.

You can improve the workflow in your office by increasing communications, keeping desks clean, using a workflow app, prioritizing difficult tasks and removing waste from your workflow. Implement as many of these improvements as possible and watch your workflow speed increase.

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