7 Link Building Strategies That Every E-commerce Brand Should Follow

7 Link Building Strategies That Every E-commerce Brand Should Follow
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    E-commerce is a competitive domain and almost every business has to struggle to stay ahead of the competitor websites offering similar products.

    The biggest challenge is to get the potential buyers to your website in the first place.


The key to success lies in reaching the top of search rankings so that you have better chances of being clicked. So your SEO needs to be pretty strong to rank as high as possible.

When it comes to getting results with your SEO strategy, the right approach to link building can win the game for you. While the basics of link building remain the same for e-commerce websites, you need to go the extra mile to get the leverage you want for maximizing your reach. Here are the specialized link- building tactics that e-commerce brands should follow to get effective results.

Invest in video marketing

When it comes to selling products online, product visualization can boost your sales manifold. After all, buyers would want to see your products before making a decision. Video content can have the right impact, which is the reason why you must invest in the video marketing tactic. Create compelling videos with brand narratives, product walk-through, and in-depth instructional videos.

Use them to build YouTube links that have the power to engage the buyers, influence their purchase decision and drive higher click-through rates. At the same time, these links add diversity to your link profile and strengthen it from the SEO perspective. Moreover, video content can rank well with its potential for featured snippets.

Leverage social platforms

Social media is a vital element of a successful e-commerce selling strategy. Therefore, you must create social profiles across all the channels that matter. Include the links to your online store on these profiles so that interested users get a route to reach the store, which can bring a significant traffic boost. Similarly, you can include the links to these profiles on the website as well.

Besides leveraging the conventional platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you can also post comments and answers on forums such as Reddit and Quora. Forum links are valuable because they indicate your authenticity to Google. Additionally, you can consolidate the trust of the users by providing valuable answers to niche-relevant questions on these forums.

Focus on best-selling products and categories

Another smart link building strategy that can empower your e-commerce website is to focus on best selling products and categories while building backlinks. This will help you bring the best products to the forefront and fetch even better sales for your business. At the same time, this approach helps you create a buzz about your brand.

While you can push your best sellers first, promoting extreme products like new launches and seasonal range is also a good idea. This approach has huge potential when it comes to driving traffic to the store, thanks to the popularity of the much-loved products you promote.

Don’t forget the proven way

Obviously, you need to do something different when it comes to creating valuable backlinks for your e-commerce website. But this does not mean that you can forget about the proven approach. If you go through https://seojet.net/blog/build-backlinks, you will understand the significance of natural links as a part of the conventional strategy. This approach is ideal for any kind of website and e-commerce stores are not an exception.

Study your competition, find the relevant keywords and use a random mix of anchor texts in your content. Make sure that your content is relevant and valuable as well. Following this approach will surely get you quality backlinks that make a natural link profile. Such a profile has the potential to take your store to the top.

Collaborate with niche influencers

E-commerce selling is all about reaching the right set of audience and winning their trust so that they shop from your store. The role of niche influencers can be crucial in this context. Not only can they provide you the exposure to just the right set of people but their endorsements can act as a catalyst for boosting your sales manifold.

Collaborating with brand influencers is, therefore, a useful tactic for your overall link building plan. This is easy if you follow the right process. Start by prospecting the influencers and bloggers who are regarded as niche leaders. Pitch them with high-quality content that they may want to publish on their blog. In return, they will provide a valuable backlink that can serve as a business asset.

Capitalize on brand mentions

Besides approaching influencers and bloggers for publishing your posts on their blogs, you can also reclaim your brand mentions from them. Simply speaking, any mention of your brand by an influencer, blogger or brand is a considerable backlinking opportunity for your e-commerce store. All you have to do is to convince them to add a link to your site or page with the mention.

The biggest challenge, however, is to identify your mentions in the huge Internet landscape. The challenge is smaller than it appears because there are some special tools that can locate your brand mentions. Once you identify them, the next step is to connect with the influencers and request them for backlinks. For new mentions, you can provide product samples to the influencers and ask for a link straightaway.

other valuable tips:

Pay attention to your blog

A blog is an essential component for any e-commerce website’s marketing strategy and it can propel your link building plan as well. Posting high-quality and informative content on the blog is the best thing to do. You can promote this content socially and generate shares from the users to create valuable backlinks for your profile.

Amazing blogs go much beyond getting you quality backlinks through likes and shares. They establish you are a niche authority and subsequently, may even make you an industry influencer. Prospective buyers are likely to trust your brand and recommend it to others as well.

Now that you know everything about link building for e-commerce stores, you will be able to gear up. The focus should be on building valuable and sustainable backlinks that serve as long-term assets for your business.

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