Everything You Should Know about Starting an SEO Business

Everything You Should Know about Starting an SEO Business
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    The SEO industry is constantly growing and experts expect it to be worth $79 billion by 2020.

    This means that starting your own SEO business can be a very lucrative idea.


Still, running an SEO business isn’t easy and not everyone who decides to do it is guaranteed to succeed. Even if you’ve been in the industry for years, dealing with the issues business owners face isn’t going to be easy and you’ll probably need all the help you can get. With that in mind, here’s everything you should know about starting an SEO business.

You need to know what your clients want

Every client who hires you expects to see a growth in their revenue. According to reports, companies that invest in SEO increase the number of leads they get by 70 percent and your clients expect the same. Your job is to help them improve their ranking and give their online presence a boost, which eventually turns into leads.

It’s critical to know how much leads and new customers are worth to the company and ensure their SEO campaign succeeds. Also, SEO is a relatively new concept and many business owners don’t understand what it’s all about. This is why finding the best way to communicate with every client can also affect how well your business is going to do in the future.

Working on your own SEO is a must

You’d be surprised by how many SEO business owners forget about their own ranking. This goes for both one-person startups as well as large companies and ensuring you don’t make the same mistake is extremely important.

After all, why would anyone hire you to help fix their ranking when you can’t do the same for yourself?

So, do everything you can to have your website show up on the first page of search engine results and your chances of succeeding will be much higher.

Just don’t forget that it isn’t all about visibility which is what most businesses target. For you, working on SEO is more about showing off your skills and giving potential clients reasons to hire you.

Experience matters a lot

There’s no need to say that the world of SEO is complex. If you’ve just taken a course or did some learning on your own, it may not be enough to help your company stay afloat. In fact, even if you’ve already worked in the industry, it doesn’t mean you’ll succeed.

The best way to gain the experience necessary for running your own business is to do some freelance work. Find a guide to freelance digital marketing and start looking for your first client. This will help you learn how to negotiate, recognize your clients’ needs and acquire other skills business owners in SEO need. You may also earn some favors during your days as a freelancer which might later help your business get some free promotion.

A strong personal brand can be of much help

Having a strong personal brand is even more important in the field of SEO than it is for some other industries. Your clients want to know they’re working with an expert and will always perform a background check before hiring you. This is why developing your personal brand is a must.

If you’ve started out as a freelancer, you can make a list of clients you’ve already serviced and give them an insight into how experienced you are in SEO. Also, if you’ve attended any industry-related events or got some certifications, using them to promote your personal brand is a good idea. Another good idea is to get on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Final thoughts

More and more business owners are starting to realize just how important SEO is for the survival of their company. This makes right now the perfect time to start your own SEO business and try to achieve all your entrepreneurial goals.

Just bear in mind that the competition is getting stiffer every day and it takes a lot of time and effort to succeed in the industry. Have the things covered in this post in mind when doing so and getting ahead of your competition will be much easier.

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