How to Start a Business in the Beauty Industry

How to Start a Business in the Beauty Industry
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    A career that involves helping people feel good about themselves is already rewarding.

    The beauty industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry that continues to grow.


If you are considering entering the beauty industry as an entrepreneur, you are definitely on the right path with the choice of niche.

The beauty industry is vast – many businesses, many professions, many brands, and so many people in it. To start your future successful business, you don’t need to do everything or have every product available from the start.

To help you go through the beginning stages, check out our short guide to starting your own beauty business.

Decide on a niche

The first thing you should do is to decide on your product or service. It can be anything from skills for doing makeup, a degree in product development and chemistry up to the skill of a salesperson.

It is also a great idea if you are considering doing your own service, to have some kind of education, like the one for hairstyling or doing eyelash extensions. Check out what social media has to offer, and if you don’t have a particular skill to develop, be free to dive into learning a new skill.

Types of makeup businesses

No matter the niche you decide on, it is a good idea to check out what is popular or a rising trend on the market. We will list a few trends that only seem to grow.

  • Making beauty products:
    Producing small batches of your own skincare gives you the freedom of developing eco-conscious makeup that is definitely blooming since the pandemic. Be certain to check out the courses in product development and find a selling point that follows your own values to successfully sell.
  • Esthetician:
    If you have been following Vogue Beauty Secrets episodes on YouTube, you must have realized that celebs have their own estheticians. The job of the esthetician is to help your client have the juiciest, fresh, and clean skin no matter their activities. It is a wonderful job that demands a lot of knowledge, so prepare to study.
  • Permanent makeup:
    Permanent makeup is a wonderful technique that helps people enjoy their looks 24/7. Whether they suffered a hair loss and have scarce brows or there is a scar that can be covered, your role as a little helper will quickly become one of a savior.
  • Eyelash extensions:
    The wonderful, long eyelashes are not only reserved for the lucky people with good genetics. Natural, long, curved, or even coloured – give your client theeyelash extensionsand looks from their dreams.
  • Skincare seller:
    You don’t need a particular skill set to be a part of the industry. If you love makeup and beauty, share your knowledge by recommending and selling the products you yourself believe in.
  • Laser technician:
    Apart from the hair on our heads, brows, and lashes, many don’t want to have hair in other places on their body. Invest in laser technology and give your clients hairless bodies so that they forget that razors and wax exist.
  • Makeup artist:
    One of the first viral beauty businesses is doing other people’s makeup. You can share your skill and knowledge on social media and transform your clients to see their best features in a new light.

Research your competition

Once you are set on your business, research the competition. If you are doing sales check the local and online competitors, with special attention to the reviews and customer experience.

For the services, pay special attention to the local businesses to see what are their flaws while researching the global stars to get inspiration.

Create a business plan

Abusiness planis your essential document for starting any type of business. The point of it is to write your values, goals, and strategy and keep it in one place.

You need to include your core business values, information on your products and service, as well as budget and marketing strategy. The business plan will be seen by potential investors and the government, have that in mind while finalizing it.

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Get funds

Once you gathered all the information and done the planning and strategizing, you need to get the money to start your business. Funding can be done from many sources if you don’t have your personal savings.

Governments often support small businesses with funding and education, whereas you can always look for an angel investor or take credit in a bank.

Take care of the legalities

You have to check and fulfil every rule and regulation that will be applied to your business. Understand that you will not get permits if you don’t comply with the rules. Without permits, there is no business.

Also, don’t forget about insurance. Your insurance company can be a major help in every stage of business, but only if your idea and business plan have a strong selling point and strategy.

Create marketing strategy

Even though you need to include marketing strategy in your business plan, do not lose the thought that this is where your values should stand out the most.

It is best if you check the best players in your niche and get at least some help from a graphic designer to develop your brand from the start. Enjoy working and getting recognition from your clients, and never forget that they are keeping your business working.

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