How To Schedule Car Maintenance To Fit Your Budget

How To Schedule Car Maintenance To Fit Your Budget
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    Thoughtful, conscientious vehicle owners take great strides to keep their cars well-maintained on a regular basis.

    Car maintenance can impact vehicle value, your safety on the road, pride of ownership and more, so it should be taken seriously.


However, car maintenance services are not free, and you understandably need to budget properly for them if you want to make these services affordable and to complete service projects in a timely manner. By following a few easy steps, you can more easily afford to keep your vehicle maintained in great condition over the years.

Create a Vehicle Maintenance Plan

As a first step, you need to create a vehicle maintenance plan that covers all critical aspects of the car. You can use the manufacturer’s suggested maintenance plan as a basis for your own customized plan. However, you need to think about how many miles you put on the car in an average month to arrive at estimated dates when specific tasks need to be completed, such as tire rotations and changes, the 30,000-mile service and more. Keep in mind that the maintenance plan that you create will largely be based on mileage, and you may drive more in some months and less in others. Therefore, your plan will largely be an estimate, and you may need to update your plan periodically based on your actual mileage.

Research Costs

Once you have estimated service dates prepared for your vehicle, you need to assign a dollar amount to each service. You can research estimated costs online in some cases, or you may contact your dealership’s service department for more information as well. By taking this step, you will know how much money to allocate in your budget for each necessary service. When it comes to replacement parts like wiper blades, fluids, and tires, you may need to plan further into the future. Replacing tires can be expensive if you aren’t planning for it. If you can, plan on shopping sales offered by shops like Evans Tire & Service Centers. It may still be a large expense, but any discount is a good discount.

Incorporate Your Maintenance Needs Into Your Budget

You now have a maintenance plan with dates and costs, and you can easily incorporate this data into your budget. Some people will create a general monthly budget, but the reality is that expenses and even income in some cases can vary from month to month. Because of this, some people will create a more detailed budget that includes adjusted income and expenses for each month. By projecting your budget ahead for several months, you can more easily financially plan for upcoming vehicle maintenance expenses.

Without preparing a maintenance plan, vehicle expenses may creep up on you, and you may be unprepared to pay for them. However, when you follow these steps, you can properly allocate funds to maintain your vehicle as needed.

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