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Think You Can’t Afford to Own a Car? 5 Ways You Can Save on Regular Auto Costs

Owning a car can be expensive. There are all sorts of costs that go along with it besides just actually purchasing the car.

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Long Trip Preparations for Your Car – Checkout Maintenance Guide

Road trips are always enjoyable and adventurous, where you explore the new destinations throughout your journey. Be it a group of crazy friends or loved ones and family members; road trips can never be regretting.

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When Is It Cheaper to Repair or to Replace in Car Maintenance

Cars tend to get more expensive to maintain as they get older. Keep an ear out for common breakdown symptoms.

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Don’t Overspend on Emergencies: Save on Car Costs With These Tips

That moderately new car is going to break down sooner or later. It is inevitable that all cars reach a point where parts wear out or components start to malfunction.

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How To Schedule Car Maintenance To Fit Your Budget

Thoughtful, conscientious vehicle owners take great strides to keep their cars well-maintained on a regular basis. Car maintenance can impact vehicle value, your safety on the road, pride of ownership and more, so it should be taken seriously.

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Family Fleet: Average Car Age is 11.4 Years Says Polk

While consumers continue to flock to new car dealer showrooms to view and purchase new vehicles, the average age of cars on the road continues to increase.

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15 Ways to Reduce Your Car Expenses

Tweet Quite easily, we can spend thousands of dollars annually on personal transportation, paying out for car loans, registration fees, taxes, gas, maintenance and repairs at an elevated rate. You

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My Dog Ate My Owner’s Manual – Car Maintenance You Can’t Forget

Tweet By Cedric Sheldon Barring the easy availability of an owner’s manual, you may need to order a replacement from the manufacturer. That becomes a daunting prospect if your brand,

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How to Inflate Your Car’s Tires

Tweet The cost of rubber like many important commodities has risen dramatically in recent years. You’ll especially notice those dramatically higher prices the next time you shop for tires. You

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7 Tips For Smart Summer Driving

Tweet Memorial Day weekend will soon be upon us, the unofficial start of summer. From the final weekend in May through the first weekend in September, people will be hitting

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Protect Your Car, Keep It Clean

Tweet It has been said that buying a new car is one of the worst investments that people can make. But, few of us buy cars with an eye toward

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10 Tips To Help Prepare Your Car For Winter’s Worst

Tweet Used car retailer CarMax offers timely advice Winter weather has been breaking out in some areas of the country recently with much of the nation expected to be within

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4 Tips To Make Your Car Road Ready This Summer

Tweet Hitting The Road: Is Your Car Up To The Task? Families who are planning to hit the road this summer for an extended vacation may be doing so for

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Check Engine Light On? You Can Turn It Off!

Tweet This Mechanical Diagnosis Can Set You Back $80 Or More Most drivers leave their automotive maintenance to the professionals, understanding just how difficult working on today’s cars has become.