Options for Veterans After Leaving the Military

Options for Veterans After Leaving the Military
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    Military veterans who are either separating from the military or retiring from the military have many good options available to them.

    Below in our reading we explore a few of them. Let us know what you think.


Start a Business

The path to entrepreneurship requires strong discipline and an ability to work with many kinds of people from different walks of life. In many ways, this can be an ideal choice for individuals who whilst used to working with a team won’t have a problem starting a business working for themselves.

Depending on the size of the eventual business, the business owner may be a solopreneur who has no employees. Alternatively, they may choose to work virtually with other people around the world or employ people locally. Another choice is whether to partner up with other vets who are coming near the end of their service with the military and looking for their next opportunity or to stay solo.

Travel in the USA or Abroad

Many people join the U.S. Air Force to “see the world” when in reality they usually mostly see the inside of an aircraft carrier unless they qualify as an elite pilot. If this is the case with you, then you may wish to take a road trip across the United States or travel abroad to Africa, Asia or Europe.

It is much easier to travel when you’re not tied down with kids and a partner. If you’re still single, then taking a trip is likely to be a great opportunity that you’ll regret if you don’t do it now whilst you have the chance.

Bodyguard and Security Work

It is fairly common for military personnel with combat experience to consider going into security work or being a bodyguard to a business executive or wealthy movie star. The skills to be a bodyguard are different to what is required “down range” but these can be learned. There are bodyguard courses available that are particularly applicable to veterans.

Online Degree Programs for the Military

There are military friendly online degree programs available that can be funded using the federal VA Educational Assistance scheme for qualifying veterans. Certain universities and colleges make it a priority to find a home for former military personnel who are looking to increase their marketability through further education.

May we suggest you view these career assessments to determine what type career is best for you:

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Expand or Convert Existing Training

It can be a good idea to take existing knowledge and convert this into something that is applicable in the civilian jobs market.

Anyone who has worked as a mechanic in the military should be able to convert much of this knowledge and experience over to a role in a garage. Engineers could find that their skills have a high value in a business world that respects knowledge and the discipline to get things done. An Operations Manager is senior role that will suit someone with supervisory and management experience in the military.

There are many good options for enterprising former military who are looking for ways to use their existing skills to create a new career for themselves. Ask yourself: what are you already good at doing? Then, go from there.


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