Dorm Room Organization: The Essentials

Dorm Room Organization: The Essentials
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    If you want to make your college days as cool and as memorable as they can be, it may be a good idea to start from the basics: odds are, you’ll be spending a good portion of your out-of-class time in your dorm, so you’ll want it to be organized in both trendy and functional way.


Don’t know where to start from? Don’t worry, we have some useful tips for you right here on how to style your dorm room in a few easy steps and create your snug college safety bubble with minimum time and investments.

Versatility at Its Best: Multifunctional Furniture

Dorm rooms are usually small and snug and they come with just the bare furnishing necessities, so you may want to consider adding your personal touch and a handful of multi-purpose items accessories to make your dorm feel like a cool home away from home. For instance, putting in a modular organizer like Leaning Loop will save you a lot of hallway space and hassle, and you can also use foldable pieces of furniture like makeshift desks and racking solutions to maximize the use of space and functionality of your dorm room.

Sleep in the Lap of Comfort: Bedding Options

Before you move in your dorm room, you should check with the dorm staff whether your room comes with the necessary beds and their sizes. Even if your dorm provides super-comfy bedding, adding a personal touch and an extra dash of comfort with a handful of convenient cushions, sheets and mattress pads is always a welcome option. Decorative pillows and quaint-looking quilts will contribute to the homeliness of your room, and they will always come in handy when entertaining your dorm friends or studying away in your bed ‘till early morning hours.

Age of Love and Light: Dorm Lighting Upgrades

If you’re not exactly a library type of person, you’d probably spend some quality time studying in your dorm room. Unfortunately, not all dormitories have ideal lighting conditions for reading and writing (the standard lights in most dorms are fluorescent ceiling-mounted fixtures), so adjusting illumination in your room to suit your needs best may be a recommendable improvement project in the long-run. In case your overhead light is too bright, you can substitute it with a handful of attractive desk or nightstand lamps – these will also be a convenient lighting upgrade in case your room illumination is too weak for your taste.

Store it Away: Dorm Room Closets

Most dorms provide at least some sort of storage within the rooms like closets or lockers. However, sometimes the preset storage may not be enough to accommodate all your precious college gear and clothes, which is why adding a wall- or closet door-mounted rack would be a good idea. You can equip your dorm room with an extra shoe rack that attaches to the doors for minimum spatial footprint, or add a decorative basket or small drawer table to pack your beloved stuff and keep the place as tidy as it can be.

Accessorize Away: Decorating with Portable Furniture Items

Though your space may look maximally functional, a dash of your personal flair will always be a welcome addition to the dorm room style-wise. Check with the dorm authorities what kind of DIY projects you are allowed to perform in your room, such as hammering nails in the walls or attaching various decorative items. In case the college approves it, you may even be able to put in an odd electrical appliance or additional pieces of furniture in your dorm room like bamboo chairs, nightstands and folding desks to make it look more functional, cozy and home-like.

Comfy and Functional: Rugs, Quilts and Carpets

Walking around your room barefoot may not be as pleasant as it is at home as most dorms do not provide soft carpets and rugs. Still, there’s a way to remedy this by putting in a comfy rug or rich carpet (naturally, you’ll want to check whether this is a feasible option with the dorm officials). On top of adding a dash of comfort and warmth to your college room, large and comfy floor rugs and carpets also act as an eye-catching detail which you can use to express your personality while not compromising the functionality of the area.

An Artistic Touch: Wall Art at Its Finest

As for your personal panache, the best way to show your inner artist would be to decorate your walls after your own preference. Most colleges provide tack strips which you can use to hang your drawings, photos or paintings. In case tack strips are not included in your room equipment, putting in a double-sided adhesive surfaces, message boards or whiteboards is always an option – and in case you want to save yourself some money, you can always use Styrofoam boards or flip chart papers to stick up your mementos, photographs, notes, love letters and other mail.


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