5 Best Secondhand Items To Buy For College

5 Best Secondhand Items To Buy For College
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    College life doesn't have to be minimalist if you make good buying decisions.

    Students should consider making second-hand items their first choice when it comes to college purchases.


In most situations, buying used is a great way to cut down on costs without sacrificing essential value.

Books and Course Material

Books and course supplies are course-dependent, so you won’t always have the option to buy second-hand. However, a lot of classes use conventional paper textbooks that can be reused easily. Students should always look for second-hand copies of their books before buying new ones, especially if you won’t be using it again.

Try asking friends first if they have the textbook and would be willing to sell it to you. If no one has it, consider buying it used online. If you cannot locate a copy, your campus bookstore will likely have a used copy on hand.

Kitchen Appliances

Toaster ovens, microwaves, and coffee machines are among the many appliances that grace college apartments across the country. Many students bear with whatever cheap or free appliances they can get from friends and family.

However, you can also often find refurbished and used models for modern appliances for a fraction of the original cost. This option is worth considering if you want an affordable upgrade.

When you interact with individuals selling these appliances, don’t be afraid to ask if you can plug it in and test it out. You want to make sure it is in working condition before purchasing.

Personal Transport

Personal transportation isn’t always a big deal, but many college kids can benefit from a car or motorcycle. Look for a used Nissan or similar make that offers a good balance between efficiency and cost.

Many students buy a car only expecting it to last until the end of their schooling, which means they have a strict limit on what they are willing to pay for repairs or maintenance before considering it totaled. However, many used vehicles are able to be maintained well past college years.


If you’re looking for a new wardrobe, consider buying used! There are so many options that carry secondhand clothing in great condition. If you’re hoping to snag a specific brand, hop onto some used clothing websites that sell brand names at a discounted price.

Go to your local thrift store to stock up on all your clothing needs, from coats to swimsuits. You can fill your closet with numerous outfits and accessories for up to 90% off the original price.

The great thing about thrifting is that you can see the quality for yourself and inspect each piece before buying. You’ll be shocked at the brand names you can find there, as well as vintage attire and unique pieces.

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Fitness Gear

Weights, exercise machines, and fitness gear in general are not cheap. However, even having a few basic pieces close at hand can encourage you to keep working out each day.

That’s why every college student should think about buying a few essential items, like a set of adjustable dumbbells or some resistance bands that still have a few years of life left in them.

On weekends, search your area for yard sales. Often, people will try and sell their used equipment and you can snag quality gear at low prices. Another option is online marketplaces that allow for local pickups.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get the most out of college living. Take advantage of every opportunity to cut costs so you can focus on building your future.

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