CRM Software: The What, The Why and The How for Your Business

CRM Software: The What, The Why and The How for Your Business
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    Today we talk about Customer Relationship Management, also known as CRM and software solutions for small to mid-size companies.


Key points of discussion in this article include: what is a CRM Software, why should your company/startup use one and how to use it, along with other small tips.

What CRM Software Stands For?

Customer Relationship Management or CRM is a key area of any company, regardless of its market or industry. As long as you have customers you need to develop and attend your relationship with them. And what a better way to do this nowadays than using a CRM Software? First, it allows your company to store all of the data about your clients and your interactions with them in one place. This allows you to form an extensive and complete overview of their needs and how to serve them better and better. It also allows everyone in the company to have access to these data, making possible and easy the work process between different teams and departments.

The software will help you build a strong and genuine relationship with your customers. In terms of sales this will translate into turning more leads and prospects into sales. When it comes to marketing, the reports delivered through a CRM software will enable you to create more targeted and efficient campaigns. In terms of customer care, having a track record of all the interactions you had with a customer will help your support people respond in a customized and effective manner. This will turn into happier clients and an increased brand loyalty for your company.

CRM Software: For Who and When Should It Be Used?

When talking about Customer Relationship Management software, many a small business owner, might think using one it’s for later days, when it will be “really” the need for that. Other prejudgments often encountered are that CRM software is too complicated, too expensive and suitable only for the big players in the market, those with thousands of employees and millions of customers.

Let’s take the example of a web design company, a relatively young one, with a few employees but with a growing number of clients. Should they get a CRM software and when should this happen? According to experts no matter how small a company is, it’s never too early to start using such a software because this will allow it to have all the data stored in one place from day one. Actually the later a company decides to introduce it, the more difficult it will be to adopt it, because the data will be scattered throughout the different departments and files.

A small company considering using a CRM software could start with implementing it at first in just one department, for example the sales one, and then, in time, expand to other areas. The lean start-up mind set is the best way to explore with any new software or technology solutions.

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Additional Info: Local Server vs Cloud Based

Both options have their pluses and minuses. When it comes to a small company working in the on-line business, who often uses remote employees, the cloud based solution is the best option. Not only does this mean instant access to data from anywhere in the world and on any mobile device, but it also means no money is spent to maintain a local server.

There are many CRM software solutions available. You should look for one that suits your specific needs, that is expandable in time with your growing business and that is easy and friendly to use. For example, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM uses the familiar Microsoft Outlook experience and comes also in the form of a cloud based service.

Remember that on-the-go sales agents and remote employees will have maximum benefits from the cloud based solution. No matter how small your company is, the time to choose and implement a CRM software should also be… right now!

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