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Credit Management

The Best Tactics for Rebuilding Your Credit in Preparation for Getting a Home Loan

Currently, a lot of Americans have bad credit. If this is your situation and you are hoping to buy a house at some point, you need to work on improving your credit score before getting a home loan.

College Planning

How Should You Finance Your Study Abroad MBA Program!

Studying abroad is a global trend and talking about the same, it’s worth mentioning that there stands a lot of hassles on the way too.


Behind the Scenes: The Influencing Factors behind How Insurance Companies Choose to File Your Claim

Every insurance claim is different. You might think that insurance companies are out to cheat you, but the truth is that the outcome of a claim depends on a variety of factors.

ID Theft

4 Practical Tips to Save Yourself From Identity Theft in College!

Students who are off to college for their freshman year must know that colleges nowadays are the breeding ground of identity thieves as all students have access to smart phones, laptops and internet, it has become quite easy for these thieves to steal confidential information.

Business Management

Connecting With Consumers Through Big Data and Social Media

Big data and analytics play an important role in the successful monetizing of social networks such as Facebook.

Business Services

CRM Software: The What, The Why and The How for Your Business

Today we talk about Customer Relationship Management, also known as CRM and software solutions for small to mid-size companies.