Six Excuses People Use to Avoid Financial Accountability

Six Excuses People Use to Avoid Financial Accountability
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    Financial trouble befalls a large majority of people.

    But when financial trouble rises it is very often the case that people shirk responsibility and avoid the issue.


Whether it’s bankruptcy or owing more than you can pay to creditors ignoring the issue is never the solution. Still many people make excuses to avoid financial accountability like the six found below.

I Don’t Have the Money, So Why Call?

One thing people often say to themselves to justify their lack of response to creditors or collection agencies is that if they don’t have the money there’s no point in calling.

They Won’t Negotiate With Me

Some people believe that their creditors or banks will not negotiate with them. Because of that belief they avoid dealing with their financial issues and taking accountability. Most creditors, lenders, and banks, however, will negotiate with you if you are unable to pay your debt in full, so it is worth it to call. Even offering to pay a nominal amount of money towards your debt each month will show creditors that you are committed to paying off your bill.

I’m Too Busy

Some excuses that people frequently use have to do with the ability to pay back funds, like the ones above. But other people don’t want anything to do with their debt or financial issues, so they just claim they’re too busy to do anything about them. The fact is, it’s easy to jump on a computer or phone during your lunch hour and make a payment.

Bankruptcy Will Ruin My Life

For people in very serious financial trouble bankruptcy is often the only option they have left. Many people see the word "bankruptcy" and think their life is over if they head down that route. However, there are many myths about bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is a very complicated issue, and in many cases it is possible to file for bankruptcy, get back on your feet, and still keep your home, car, and life.

What Am I Supposed to Do, Stay Home All Day?

Feelings of entitlement to the "fun" things in life can also lead to excuses instead of a person taking financial accountability. Instead of owning their financial situation and agreeing to cut back on frivolous spending they say things like "What am I supposed to do, not have a life?" and feel entitled to items they don’t need. This is of course extremely irrational behavior and can lead to long term and serious financial woes.

It’s Not My Fault

Many people will often try to minimize their financial situation or avoid responsibility for it by shifting the blame. By saying their financial situation is because of unfair creditors, bank practices, or other things they feel less responsible for the situation they’re in.

All of these excuses are used frequently to deny financial responsibility or avoid accountability. But by shifting blame, avoiding phone calls, and feeling so overwhelmed that you’re moved to inaction you are actually making your financial situation worse. Taking action now can save you a lot of financial turmoil down the road. Always seek out professional help if you are in a serious financial situation as soon as possible to get back on your feet quickly with minimal stress.

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