How to Recover Financially from Your Major Auto Accident

How to Recover Financially from Your Major Auto Accident
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    A major auto accident could have a myriad of negative consequences for your future.

    Those consequences usually mean both short and long-term problems.

    There is one constant in both though, and it is the financial cloud looming over.


Depending on what kind of insurance you have, who was at fault, possible criminal charges, injury rehab and more, you are going to have your plate full trying to get back to your normal life. The tips below should help give you some ideas on how to recover better from a major auto accident.

Pursue Compensation

If another person is at fault and you get hurt and your car becomes useless through their negligence, you have to pursue compensation from their insurance company. If they had low or no coverage, then you will have to sue them personally to get anything at all. It is an unfortunate truth that the kind of people who carry low-coverage insurance or have no policy usually do not have a lot to take, but it is not always the case.

There might have been a lapse on their part, or they simply forgot to pay the bill. If it is possible to get a financial award, it could go a long way to help pay medical bills, cover lost income if you missed work from injuries and help repair your vehicle.

Friends and Family

Friends and family members are a great support system if you have a good relationship with them. You may have family or friends willing to let you stay with them in the unfortunate case of having to recovering from bad injuries, which would save you on home healthcare costs. Also, you might be able to get a spare vehicle or part loaned to you, so you can get back and forth to work.

Additionally, they can give you rides to appointments and help you save on cab money. There is also the outside chance someone close to you could give you a short-term loan until any monies you are guaranteed come in. The short-term loan could cover your most immediate needs.

Talk to Creditors

You are not going to like to make these calls because creditors do not like taking them, but you will have to talk to any lenders you have about making new payment agreements or making brief changes to current agreements. This is something you have to do to preserve your credit or put it in a position where you can fix it much easier once you are back on your feet.

If you are able to keep all of your loans paid and current with an alternative arrangement, then you could clear the debts when a settlement check comes in or you are able to go back to work.

Instead of worrying about getting your things repossessed or having to sell things to make ends meet, you can keep your focus on recovering personally and financially without the added financial stress. You will find some great advice on how to strike new deals with debt collectors  from Bankrate.

Scrape and Save

Maybe you fell in a position where you had some good luck and some bad luck. You were not seriously injured, but the responsibility of either buying a new car or fixing your old one falls squarely on you because the other driver had no insurance, or it was a single person accident with you being uninsured.

You need your car back and running because of your family, but for the time being, you have to get a mass transit pass or get rides with friends to work. This actually helps to save a lot money, and depending on the extent of damage or type of damage, it might be smarter to just repair the car.

You can get old parts from junkyards for a fraction of the price of new ones and find a reputable auto body shop in Provo or in your particular area. Also, if you know how to work on cars, you will have a cheaper go of things, but if you do not, then go with a handyman before you have to see a professional mechanic. Handymen are much cheaper.

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