5 Creative Ways to get Employers to Look at Your Resume

5 Creative Ways to get Employers to Look at Your Resume
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    The only thing worse than looking for a job, is refreshing your resume.

    Writing your resume can become the most exasperating and anxiety-inducing task known to mankind.


Not to mention of the constant wondering if whether or not the employer that you sent your resume to has even looked at your resume, because face it, if the employer doesn’t even glance at your resume, you have no chance of getting hired by them. So here are just four tips boiled down from hundreds to make your resume stand out from the stack.

Tip #1: Skip the Gimmicks

There are tons of things that every single applicant does on their resume that make you look just like the other lemmings. Skip the list of skills that you put on that resume to beef it up. “Great with people”, “dynamic personality”, “love to cook and travel” statements are such a waste of space and absent of any substance. Employers want to hear what you will do for their company.

Tip #2: How to Stand Out

To get noticed in the way that will win an interview, be aggressive and truthful. A resume is not a time to lie or be humble. Sing your own praises using action words. One great method to use is Problem, Action and Result statements. An example might sound like, “Recognized that half of the ninth grade students would fail the state exam, created original tutorial material and Saturday school opportunities thereby reducing that number to only one student.” This speaks to a very specific ability you have and your skill to act on it.

Tip #3: Consistency

Your fonts, margins, bullet point sizes, date formats, and spacing needs to be consistent. Also check that your verb tenses match and all personal pronouns are removed. This shows you are meticulous and pay attention to details.

Tip #4: Hand It Over

The most important step that is overlooked in the whole resume production phase is to hand it over to a proof reader. You have spent so much time picking at this thing that you are cross-eyed. You may have missed that you misspelled your own name! Have a trusted proofer read and correct the spelling, and check for consistency. Try out those bold statements to hear how they sound and be open for criticism

Tip #5: Get Help

No one ever seems to know that they can get professional help when writing their resumes and looking for a job. If you are struggling to write your resume, you can get help from companies like AAA McKinstry that specialize in resume and business writing in Orange County.  Agencies like this can help you get your resume in top, pristine condition to help make it look attractive to employers and ultimately land you a job.

Follow these simple tips for a strong and substantial resume that will get you noticed. Don’t bother to “fluff it up” with silly script, graphics or gibber about your hobbies. Real employers are trying to understand your drive and work ethic. Be strong and truthful, work toward a flawless final copy, and don’t skip the proof reader to be sure you have an excellent resume.

My name is Lizzie Weakley and I am a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. I went to college at The Ohio State University where I studied communications. I enjoy the outdoors and long walks in the park with my 3-year-old husky Snowball.

Lizzie was found the information for this article from AAA McKinstry who does business writing in Orange County, California


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