Extreme Jobs for Those Who Don’t Fear Heights: See Through a GoPro

Extreme Jobs for Those Who Don’t Fear Heights: See Through a GoPro
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    Extreme sports enthusiasts looking for an adrenaline rush may transfer that desire into a number of modern day occupations.

    These jobs may send a chill up and down the spine whether suffering from acrophobia or not.


High-Rise Window Cleaner

This occupation may appeal to anyone who enjoys the sport of abseiling or rappelling from heights. The highly skilled job requires descending down the side of tall buildings backwards. Technicians are attached to a safety harness and must carry the supplies needed to clean the windows on a skyscraper from the top down. Specialty companies in large cities often employ these daredevils who use strategically placed anchor points at the top of the building.

High-Rise Crane Operators

This particular video was actually a stunt. But as you watch it, your stomach might roll as this British daredevil hangs out over the edge of the crane, even daring to use only one hand. This video helps you get the idea of what height actually means.

Although often contained within an operator’s cabin, the cabin on high-rise cranes may exist hundreds of feet above ground. The cranes may stand on the ground or are attached to the side of high-rise buildings during construction. Workers access the cabin by climbing a tower or via another crane. Standing at a height of more than 2,700 feet, during the construction of the Burj Khalifa skyscraper in Dubai, the tallest in the world, the crane operator reportedly lived in the cabin until the building was completed. Companies like American Equipment Inc. hire daredevils to help work on and repair their cranes and hoists that tower high above the ground.

Radio Tower Repairman

Tower repair personnel must acquire certification following Competent Climber courses. The instruction provides potential employees with FAA, OSHA and other regulations, in addition to safe climbing techniques. Climbers also require an education in electronics and communications technology. With the advent of the cellular age, radio and TV towers are now accompanied by cell phone towers that also need maintenance or repair. Salaries vary depending on the height technicians must climb to complete the job.


This centuries old occupation requires scaling the exterior of bridges, churches, lighthouses, or any other extremely tall structure, for the purpose of performing maintenance or repairs. Depending on the type of structure, steeplejackers may use the architectural features to scale the height, latticed ladders or abseiling equipment.

Wind Turbine Climbers

The wind turbine industry requires skilled climbers from the construction phase of the project through completion, as each tower requires periodic maintenance. Accessing the top of the tower involves climbing up from the inside or using a high-rise crane. Depending on the site, technicians may only use basic safety harnesses or scaffolds to complete the needed work at heights of anywhere from 200 to 300 feet above the ground. Various schools across the country offer turbine repair and tower climbing.

Some information in this article was provided by American Equipment Inc, a crane and hoist company in Utah.


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