Is Your Refrigerator Running? How To Help It Run for Much Longer

Is Your Refrigerator Running? How To Help It Run for Much Longer
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    If you are like most homeowners, keeping your household functional is almost always at the top of your to-do list and your first priority.

    This can include making sure that the appliances that you use daily are in best working condition.


And of all the appliances that you want to keep in optimal shape, the refrigerator is probably number one.

Unfortunately, many people find themselves purchasing refrigerators and subsequently realize that they do not run at peak performance for very long. Others may just want to keep their older fridge working longer so that they don’t have to splurge too soon on a new refrigerator. If either of these situations are what you find yourself facing or are what you would like to avoid, here are four helpful suggestions that can potentially help you ensure that your refrigerator runs for much longer and at a higher performance level.

1. Have Your Refrigerator Shipped Upright.

If you ordered your refrigerator and are having it delivered to your home, be sure that it is shipped upright. If the appliance is placed on the side, doing so can cause a Freon leak that will subsequently prevent cooling. Additionally, placing the refrigerator on its back can cause damage to the appliance’s condenser coils. It can also cause the refrigerator’s compressor to fail if the appliance is restarted prior to giving the oil sufficient time to drain out of its lines.

2. Keep The Refrigerator Away From Heat Sources.

Another strategy you can implement to help your refrigerator run longer is to place it far away from radiators, sunny windows, and ranges. This is important because keeping the appliance away from heat sources that can restrict airflow to its compressor and motor can help prevent system failure and overheating.

3. Avoid The Use Of Extension Cords.

As many technical experts know, extensive use of extension chords can burn out a refrigerator’s compressor. Since this is the case, it would be more advantageous for you to plug your refrigerator’s cord right into the wall. In the event that you have to make use of an extension cord, try to use the 3-pronged, heavy duty type. If you’re uncertain how to select the right kind, feel free to consult with a professional manufacturer.

4. Don’t Overstock The Refrigerator.

A professional that offers has suggested that in order to ensure that your refrigerator runs for as long as possible, it’s important that you not overfill it with food and other items. If you do, the cold air won’t be able to circulate freely. This can lead to issues with appliance performance and can potentially wear it out faster.

A refrigerator often becomes the central appliance around which a functional family kitchen operates.  If you remember the last time the power went out at your home, you likely remember a serious level of concern arising for the food and beverages in your fridge! It’s an important appliance, and if you are serious about ensuring that your refrigerator runs for as long as possible, you should know that accomplishing this objective is completely possible through various simple measures, such as those above. By implementing some or all of the strategies discussed, you can keep your refrigerator running at optimum levels, thereby saving yourself time and money.

Rianne Hunter is a wife, mother of three, and an author covering all things home improvement, family finances, and health. She consulted ServiceMAX (who offers appliance repair in Gwinnett) for information for this article.


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