Plant A Tree, You Nature Lover!

Plant A Tree, You Nature Lover!


For most newly planted trees, it will take many years before they can throw off the amount of shade as this tree gives. Yet, carefully choosing and planting the right tree can add value to your home immediately.

For most newly planted trees, it will take many years before they can throw off the amount of shade as this tree gives. Yet, carefully choosing and planting the right tree can add value to your home immediately.

Last Friday I shared some tips on lawn care, ideas you can use for deciding how you’re going to manage your lawn this season. Today, I’m going to talk about planting a tree, a nice landscaping edition for most any property.

Trees are sometimes considered to be a nuisance, especially come autumn when deciduous trees drop their leaves. That is why some folks prefer evergreens as they’d much rather deal with pine straw and pine combs. Regardless of what type of tree you choose, there are two important benefits to consider: shade and your home’s value.

Choosing The Right Tree For Your Property

Pick the right broad leaf tree and it can provide a nice swath of shade to provide a cool respite on hot summer days. Squirrels, birds and other critters will be attracted to it, offering a natural refuge that can be observed and enjoyed by your family and guests. Trees can also lower you home’s energy bill through shading and by partially deflecting cold winter winds.

The right tree can also provide a remarkable benefit to the value of your home. Surveys of real estate agents has shown that most agree that the presence of healthy shade trees on the property can contribute to the “sell-ability” of a home with an even bigger impact on curb appeal and the buyer’s overall impression of the neighborhood.

Planting A Tree: The Environmental Appeal

Of course, trees also contribute to the environment thanks to their ability to absorb carbon dioxide, a strong reason why many cities value shade tree management programs.

As far as planting a tree, I would encourage you to get some advice from a local arborist before you plant. An arborist can help you choose the right tree for your yard, tell you what time of the year is the best to plant a tree, and offer advice on how best to care for it.

Some other thing to keep in mind:

The look – Make sure that the tree you plant is something that you can live with. My neighbors have a big, beautiful magnolia in their yard, but I know that it can create some extra work for them. Some trees drop a lot of sap which can damage your car’s paint while others are disease prone and likely to die young.

The dig – In some locales, it can make all of the difference in the world where you plant a tree. Underground cables, pipelines and such could be in the area. You may need to call your town and/or local utilities to get a map of your property or face the risk of causing damage.

The hole – This part gets tricky, because there is no “one size fits all” hole for planting a tree. You will need to follow the instructions explicitly as given to you by your arborist, otherwise your tree may not survive long enough to give you or the local wildlife much pleasure. The depth and circumference of the hole are very important. Placement in the hole, fertilizer and compost followed by watering and mulching after the tree has been planted can ensure a healthy outcome for your tree planting project.

Shop, Compare and Save!

Finally, shop around for a tree, choosing one with a guarantee as well as from a garden center which has everything else you need to make your tree growing expedition a success.

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