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Money News

5 Year End Tax Tips for Smart Taxpayers

Your mind is on Christmas and that is perfect place of reflection at this time of the year. But you must be careful not to forget that New Year’s Day will loom soon after and the tax implications associated with it.

Mobile Devices

Some Useful Educational PDF Apps for Students

Today, every one is considering assistance of technology in their life. No matter if it is work or if it is study, technology helps us in every thing!

Career Development

Top Tips to Develop Your Career

In every job, there’s always the potential for restlessness. You’ll always find it, that nagging voice that carousels around your head, asking, “Is this right job for me?” “How can I get the promotion I deserve?” “Can I take this position to better, brighter places?”

Consumer Financing

How to Avoid Compulsive Spending This Christmas

The weather outside is frightful. That’s all the more reason to hit the mall, right? Well, not if you have difficulty controlling your spending. Or perhaps you lack control completely.

Retirement Planning

Planning the Nest Egg for Retirement

If you ask 5 different people to describe retirement to you, you can be guaranteed of 5 different answers. The simple truth is that for various reasons retirement can either be a marvellous never-ending holiday or it can be a tough, stressful day-to-day battle – or somewhere in between.

Health Tips

Driving While Intoxicated: DWI Attorney Representation

If you are pulled over and a police offers declares that you were driving while intoxicated (DWI), you can be arrested and placed in jail.

Social Media

How to Find the Best SEO Provider

With Google’s Dec. 2013 PageRank export complete, webmasters are scrambling to find out the results and determine what they mean. A number of long-established sites saw their PageRank drop, while many others held steady.

Money Management

Seasonal Employment and How to Find It

No matter the time of year, companies are always looking for temporary help to supplement their staffs and to serve their customers. During the holiday season that demand tends to increase, especially in the retail sector.

Consumer Tips

The Affordable Health Care Act: Incentives for Healthy Lifestyle Changes

The Affordable Care Act is here, and it goes into effect Jan 1 2014. Of course, not all of its provisions are enacted, but the major ones seem to be intact.

Autos Express

How to Save Hundreds of Dollars on a New Car

Shopping for a new car can be a hassle and many consumers approach the process with dread and with a lack of accurate information. Knowledge is power and when you have a full grasp of the market and prices, saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on your purchase is within reach.

Financial Planning

Prevent Financial Troubles – Make Financial Planning a Priority

Tweet Few people go through life without running into a money problem or two; it’s to be expected. Financial troubles are made worse by neglecting to have a plan in

Consumer Financing

How To Afford The Ideal Funeral For You

Tweet (for our friends across the pond) Although it’s an unhappy topic, there’s an inevitability to your death that you have to financially prepare yourself for – and, in many

The Game of Life

How to Handle Family Conflict This Holiday Season

Tweet With Thanksgiving behind you, chances are you already had your fill of family obligations. Those obligations, however, won’t go away unless you simply tell people you won’t participate in