20 New Year’s Resolutions We Can All Do

20 New Year’s Resolutions We Can All Do

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    Are you ready to make some resolutions for the new year?

    The usual ones include losing weight, eating right, exercising more, and taking a vacation to an exotic destination.

    Good resolutions at that, but there are many more to consider.


Not everyone needs to lose weight or change their eating habits. Most of us, however, can help someone out, learn something new, and review our finances. The following list includes resolutions you can and perhaps should do.

1. Learn a new language. Expand your linguistic skills to take up a new language. Choose a language that you will use and then plan a trip to where that language is spoken primarily.

2. Take up a musical instrument. You’ve wanted to play a piano, trumpet, flute (fill in the blank) for some time. Instead of putting it off, resolve to learn a new instrument this coming year.

3. Find your social media balance. Are you on social media too much? Too little? Or are you sending status reports that no one reads? Be honest with yourself and find the right balance.

4. Take a college course. Expand your understanding by taking a college course in your chosen field. Or look at a new field and do the same. Audit the course if you do not want college credit.

5. Get a health exam. With the new health care law in place, you may wonder how the plan works. Start the year off by getting a physical, to create a base line for the year ahead.

6. Change your style. Change your clothing style to reflect your current whim. If you avoid trendy, but like a certain trend, then go with it. On the other hand, if you are trend freak, look at styles you’d never had considered before.

7. Make new friends. Move beyond your personal friendship circle to make friends with new people. Cross racial and ethnic lines; find a new friend at work, school, church, the mall…wherever.

8. Get enough sleep. We think about diet and exercise, but what about rest? Not just loafing around, but sound sleep. Getting enough sleep can give you a feeling of wellness and keep you alert all day.

9. Fund your retirement account. Add more money to your retirement account or open up a new account if you do not already have one. Set aside money for a rainy day, build vacation and Christmas accounts.

10. Create a will. Do you have a will? Is your estate in order? Make a point to handle both in the coming year. You’re not too young to consider your final resting place either.

11. Consider your technology. How many techie devices do you own? Seriously consider NOT buying the latest and greatest this year. Shop for a new (and cheaper) cell phone plan. Kill the landline. Combine your Internet and TV service to one company.

12. Look for a new job. The economy may not be hot, but you’re ready to break out of your comfort zone. Or at least you should. Apply for a new job. Go on an interview. If there is a good fit there, then move on.

13. Tackle your debt. Debt problems drag down many a consumer. Resolve to get your debt under control this year. Combine outstanding balances to a new account. Use credit less often. Pay down your debt.

14. Recycle more often. Most communities have a recycling program. Are you taking advantage of it? Do your part to reduce, reuse and recycle. If you don’t have a need, then don’t buy it.

15. Be spontaneous. Break the mold by doing something new or different. Mix up your schedule and quit being the creature of habit you’ve longed to stop being for some time.

16. Work it out. Resolve family conflicts and reach out to a friend you haven’t touched base with in many years. Life is too short to allow grudges and misunderstandings to get in the way.

17. Fight the urge. Do you have a secret sin, problem or addiction you have struggling fighting? Don’t got it alone — seek help from a pastor, therapist or friend to get help. Be honest with yourself and with others about your problem.

18. Live simply. Downsize your home and upsize your life. If it is in storage, clear it out and donate what you don’t need.

19. Give of yourself. Hep others and you’ll actually help yourself. You’ll take your eyes off of your own problems and put your life in perspective. Volunteer. Help a neighbor. Lift up your community.

20. Donate money. Besides giving of your time, contribute money to help various organizations that you admire. Your church. An animal shelter. A youth league. Whatever moves you.

What Speaks to You

Of course, this list is only to guide you. Not every item can or should be pursued. At least not at the same time. Consider what works best for you and pursue it with passion!

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