Preparing Your Home For Cooler Weather

Preparing Your Home For Cooler Weather


Summer’s time is almost over, a season of carefree activity, backyard barbecues, and trips to the lake or to the ocean. Already, some areas of the country are seeing their first glimpses of cooler weather, with overnight lows plunging to levels not seen since May. Before long frost will be in the air and your home’s heating system will kick on for the first time since last Spring.

With heating costs expected to be the highest ever this season, many homeowners are realizing that come winter they’ll be faced with enormous heating bills and will need to write out big checks to cover this expense. Besides donning a sweater and turning down the thermostat, consumers can save money by checking their home’s insulation, a major source of heat leakage when not done right.

Steps To Home Energy Efficiency

Before I continue, you may want to check with the energy company who supplies gas or oil to your home to see if they can provide an energy audit for you. In most cases this service is free.

On your own, you can perform an energy audit to gain a clearer idea on what work needs to be done matchto bring your home up to spec:

Take A Temperature — One room could be warm and cozy, while another one could be chilly. To verify the temperature in any given room, get a hold of a thermometer and allow it to adjust for that room’s temperature. Stand it up against the wall in the vicinity of a window or door, to get an accurate reading. Of course, your best measurements will be realized when heating season has already kicked in and your air conditioning is no longer running.

Hold A Candle — Light a candle or strike a match and hold it up near the bottom of the window pane where the window meets the sill. This is most effective on a windy day as a dancing flame will reveal that fresh insulation is needed.

Look For Condensation — Ice on the inside of a window or door is a clear sign to you that you have air leakage. Any sort of visible condensation is an indication that new weatherstripping needs to be put down.

Look For Telltale Signs — Worn out weather stripping, caulking, caulk tape, and foam insulation may need replacing, obvious signs that you can remedy the problem on the spot. This is a job you can do yourself with some hardware stores selling complete kits containing needed items.

Even if heating prices manage to drop in advance of winter’s onslaught, a well insulated home will make your living space much more comfortable and inviting.

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  1. Dan
    Dan 8 September, 2008, 06:57

    To me more attention needs to be given to the demand side of the energy supply / demand equation.

    For example, home owners should be encouraged to have an energy audit undertaken of their home by an accredited independent professional.

    We had one performed on our home last fall and learn a great deal about home energy conservation in general and which energy conservation recommendations made sense for our home.

    The report included easy to understand charts, graphs, energy efficiency rating for our home and comparable homes, energy efficiency recommendations specific to our home, the degree of energy efficiency improvement that would result should we implement all of the recommendations, and more.

    Now, we could not find a copy of a real energy audit report to see what one looked like so we went ahead and on the ECOENERGY page of our home web site wrote about the report we received with pictures of its different areas so others might be encouraged to do the same.

    The report from the energy audit gave us a road map that was specific to our home and now we are starting to benefit financially from the reduced electrical, heating and water consumption we are experiencing.

    We cannot recommend more strongly how beneficial the home energy audit has been for us, encourage home owners to have one done on their home (many local utilities offer them for free) and also encourage all levels of government to assist it’s home owners in having one undertaken on their home as well as all commercial, industrial and institutional buildings.


  2. Honey
    Honey 8 September, 2008, 08:39

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