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Tips for Financing Home Additions From the Ground Up

There are various ways for you to boost the value of your home, one of the most effective will always be to build an addition.


How Much Should You Save for Emergency Home Repairs?

Household emergencies are an unfortunate fact of life, and dealing with even a small unforeseen repair bill can seriously derail a family’s finances.

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3 Ways to Save Money by Caring for the Environment

If you want to save more money, there are lots of things you can do. The best types of money-saving ventures, though, are those that have benefits beyond simply saving money.

Home Improvement

7 Best Tips for Low Budget Home Improvement

You can make a big change with just some small home improvements. Here are the 7 best low budget home improvement tips that I can share with you.

Home Improvement

Raising the Value of Your House Through Home Remodeling

Tweet But the only problem that is involved in home remodeling is that most people don’t understand where to start from. The two most important parts of a house that

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Give Your Home a Fresh Coat of Paint – Why it’s Worth Hiring a Pro

There is no need to tell homeowners what a great painting service can do for increasing the value of their home. It’s all about curb appeal…

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Online Home Improvement Stores: Take The Hassle Out Of Home Improvement Shopping

You’re looking to do some improvements on your home but you’re dreading the process of actually going to the home improvement store, shopping for the things you need, loading the items into your truck and then getting them home.

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Flip This House Quickly and Profitably

House flipping is back, although it never went away. In the run up to the Great Recession, home flipping was enormously popular as investors found houses that needed tender loving care, fixed them up and sold them — often for a big profit.

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Does Your Garage Door Offer Easy Access to Your Home?

Automatic garage doors are a convenience enjoyed by millions of homeowners. Simply hit a transmitter button in your vehicle and the garage door lifts up, enabling you to slip carefully inside.

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Get Your Homeowners Insurance Claim Handled Fast

Tweet Filing a claim can be done quickly and a payment made fast if you have the following to present to your insurer: 1. Your insurance policy. Having a copy

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Boost Your Home’s Resale Value Through Home Improvement

Tweet According to the 2011-12 Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report, there isn’t a single mid-range project that will give you a dollar for dollar return on your investment. However, the

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Guide to Budgeting for a Home Remodel

Tweet By Alex Levin But it shouldn’t be. Careful planning and research can help you avoid the feeling of budget-bursting humiliation when you realize your remodel will cost double, or

Home Improvement

Beat the Recession: 10 Ways to Trim Home Improvement Costs

No matter what the economy is doing or whether home prices are sky high or have dropped dramatically, it’s still a good idea to look for ways of trimming home improvement costs.

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A Budgetary Approach to Home Improvements

Tweet By Brian Simpson One of the more frustrating things about selling your home can be learning how much money you are expected to put into it to help it

Home Improvement

Everything About the Kitchen Sink

Tweet By Josh Baxter When homeowners are remodeling their kitchens, they typically pay special attention to the cabinets, countertops, floors and appliances. Unfortunately, many do not put much thought into