Discover Interior Design Trends for 2022

Discover Interior Design Trends for 2022
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    The most recent interior design trends are inspired by our obligation to spend more time at home, studying, and working remotely.

    These trends have emerged due to our need to have a more comfortable, functional, practical, and visually appealing home.


Also, what affected these trends greatly, is the fact that we needed more designated studying and working spaces. As these working and studying remotely trends are to stay, we need and desire to upgrade our home to suit the new online age.

The biggest change is seen in the multifunctionality of space, as we needed to adapt certain rooms to serve more purposes. Another thing that makes our home cleaner and more appealing is the biophilic room design. This design uses plants and flowers as its basic element.

As far as furniture and accessories are concerned, popular 2022 interior design trends are about vintage and antique as well as natural and sustainable elements and patterns. When it comes to shapes, the most recent design trends focus on using round shapes.

As for the colors, some of the most popular colors include brown and emerald green. Textures and textiles that are preferred are tactile, and homes are smarter with new smart tech.

Multifunctional space

As already mentioned, due to the coronavirus outbreak, the vast majority of people around the globe had to adapt their lifestyles. The biggest adaption refers to staying at home, both studying and working.

For many families, this was new as everybody was used to leaving their home in the morning and coming back in the late afternoon or evening. That left us spending more time out than at home.

However, with these changes, this habit has also changed. So, the need for multifunctional space emerged. People needed to adapt their living rooms or bedrooms ASAP to be their office or children’s study.

And now that the pandemic is hopefully reaching an end, we’ve started to like this trend as it’s functional and practical.

Biophilic room design

You’ve probably heard of biophilia. It is the humans’ need to connect to nature. We can connect to nature in a few plausible ways.

We strive towards this trend and enjoy it as we feel much better when surrounded by nature. Plants and flowers have the power to purify the air, reduce stress and keep us motivated.

There’s a whole science on using plants in interior design. Do your research and find more about how you can easily make your indoor plant oasis.

When choosing plants, it’s crucial to know which plants need more light, humidity, and warmth,  so you can place them strategically. You need to be mindful of these elements, as you need your plants to be luscious and green and not with dead leaves.

Nowadays, it’s popular to include a hydroponic system tower garden. It is space-saving as you can plant several plants vertically.

Vintage and antique

The 70s interior design trends are starting to regain their popularity. By shopping vintage, you not only add a special and unique touch to your home, but you also make it more sustainable.

It is sustainable in the sense that we can repurpose the old and the damaged as well as make them stylish and reduce our carbon footprint at the same time. Antique accessories and furnishings add a special character to your home.

They create a certain vibe. The best way to buy these is in thrift stores. You get a great piece at a special price. There is simply some warmth and sentimentality with vintage and antique pieces.

Natural and sustainable

The popular theme has been interwoven through the most recent interior design trends in nature and thus, natural elements. We’ve mentioned the use of plants already.

Another way you can make your home more natural and hence, sustainable is by using furniture made of natural materials. The need for this has arisen from us spending more time indoors than outdoors. That’s why natural surfaces such as stoneware, terracotta, marble, and travertine are used in interior design trends.

Round shapes

Current interior design trends focus on using round shapes. They give a soft and warmer look to a room. These new trends use curvilinear elements all around the house.

These elements include arched windows or doorways as well as sofas with soft edges. Moreover, circle-shaped details such as soft corners on consoles, desks, countertops, and rounded headboards are things that we can often see in recent interior design trends. 

Also, less-permanent decor alternatives, such as small coffee tables and circular area rugs are popular choices.

Brown and emerald green colors

When it comes to some of the most popular color choices, we must mention different shades of brown and emerald green. Brown and earthy tones make a great color choice for adding warmth and coziness to a home.

There are other shades of brown that can work well in our homes, and they include chocolate browns, camels, and caramels. These colors were dominant in those 70s styles that we mentioned as being back.

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Another color that’s been one of the most wanted is emerald green. It adds a luxurious touch to your home.

Tactile textures and textiles

Tactile textures and textiles give more depth to a space. People have turned to using patterned jute, rush, and abaca. You can go for patterned pillows and throw blankets as well as rugs to add texture.

Try to mix and match and create some amazing combinations. You don’t have to limit yourself to decor only. You can opt for some textured furniture pieces such as chairs and ottomans and lighting fixtures such as lamps and lanterns.

Hi-tech homes

These modern homes with vintage materials differ from those from the 70s in terms of tech used. Today’s modern homes, even though with vintage details, are often designed to be smart with some hi-tech.

This hi-tech can make our life easier and better if you use it the right way. You shouldn’t go overboard, though. Balance is the key to a nice, safe, stylish and functional home.

Before deciding to make some changes to your home, do your research online and find some looks that you like and that work for you. Carefully consider your lifestyle and your needs, and then start designing.

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