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Money Management

How to Trim Your Monthly Bills

With a new year may come with it a realization that you do not have the money to balance your budget. You have enough money coming in, but your outgo is simply too large.

Money News

What You Need to Know About Money Management

Tens of millions of Americans are weighed down by debt, with many people insolvent or bankrupt. Living within one’s means is what points to good money management, a skill that anyone can acquire.


19 Ways to Make Your Money Last Longer

Tweet Did you get a raise this year? Congratulations — too many people are sitting on wage freezes or have had their hours cut back. When money is tight, finding


5 Tips for Reining in the Family Budget

Tweet Saving money and cutting expenses. Your family budget is in crisis and there is only one thing you can do: find ways to rein in your costs. Let’s take

Consumer Financing

How to Save Money on TV, Internet and Phone

Tweet Bundled Services Other services that can be bundled include your television, Internet connection and phone service. These three, previously handled by separate providers, are now usually handled by one

Consumer Tips

7 Money Saving Tips for September 2011

Tweet With the economy flagging, finding ways to save money is of critical importance to everyone. The following seven money saving tips are timely and just the tonic needed to