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Fake Twitter Accounts Are the Rage

Tweet Entertaining, Annoying or Misleading? Twitter, the 140 character micro-blogging service, now claims more than 50 million users or about 12 percent of the number of people who use Facebook.

Social Media

7 Smart Twitter Tips for Twitterati

Tweet Twitter continues to grow, change and adjust, encouraging developers to create and improve their own applications on top of Twitter. Twitter faithful a/k/a Twitterati, know that you don’t need

Social Media

Library of Congress Tracks Your Tweets

Tweet Does this news presage a deepening government interest in your personal affairs or has the Library of Congress simply realized that tweeting is of some value beyond Twitter? I’ll

Social Media

The Twitter Mystique & Why You Need To Rethink Social Networking

Tweet Twitter has grown on me. So much so that I have embraced this social networking site wholeheartedly after initially holding it at arm’s length. Like so many latecomers (I

Social Media

Google Buzz Arrives In Gmail

Tweet Finally, Google has launched its alternative to Twitter and Facebook. Google Buzz is here, but you can only access this feature if you have a Gmail account. But, if

Business Services

4 Twitter Tips For Small Business Owners

Tweet Twitter And Your Small Business When it comes to social media sites, Twitter offers a unique way for businesses to communicate by allowing them to send 140 character updates