Google Buzz Arrives In Gmail

Google Buzz Arrives In Gmail


Finally, Google has launched its alternative to Twitter and Facebook.

Check your GMail. Google Buzz has arrived.Google Buzz is here, but you can only access this feature if you have a Gmail account. But, if you use Picasa, Blogger, or a host of other Google products, you already are there. Simply respond to the Google prompt and connect with Google Buzz. It is that easy.

Internet Buzz

I played around with Google Buzz a bit and read the announcement from Google about their latest product offering.  I also took a look at what some of the social media pros are saying about Google Buzz with some wondering if this move will impact Twitter and Facebook.

Google is all about organizing your web presence which means that if they get a chance to do it, then they can serve up their lucrative ads right from your Google Buzz account. As it stands right now, only Facebook runs ads alongside your profile while Twitter does not. If Google Buzz catches on, then they’ll make money as you buzz your updates.

Google Speaks

This is what Google had to say about the release of their new product: Our belief is that organizing the social information on the web — finding relevance in the noise — has become a large-scale challenge, one that Google’s experience in organizing information can help solve. We’ve recently launched innovations like real-time search and Social Search, and today we’re taking another big step with the introduction of a new product, Google Buzz.

Notably, if you use Twitter you can tweet on Twitter and your tweets will show up on Google Buzz. But if you leave a message on Google Buzz it won’t go over to Twitter. I also linked up a pair of my blogs with Google Buzz which immediately tied in an excerpt from my most recent articles to Google Buzz. Click on “expand this post” and your entire article opens up.

Ad Income

But keep this in mind: while people can read your stuff, the benefit of ad income goes to Google, not you. At least that is what appears to take place,  something I have yet to dispute based on what I’ve uncovered thus far.

If you’re reading this article and you’re thinking, “I don’t have Google Buzz yet” you’re not along. Google says, “We’re rolling out Buzz to all Gmail accounts over the next few days, so if you don’t see it in your account yet, check back soon. We also plan to make Google Buzz available to businesses and schools using Google Apps, with added features for sharing within organizations.”

Woohoo! Google is taking over the world, at least the Gmail end of it.


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