7 Smart Twitter Tips for Twitterati

7 Smart Twitter Tips for Twitterati


Twitter continues to grow, change and adjust, encouraging developers to create and improve their own applications on top of Twitter. Twitter faithful a/k/a Twitterati, know that you don’t need to go to Twitter.com to interact with Twitter users because there are hundreds of Twitter tools providing access to Twitter on other websites.

TwitterBut change is underfoot with some people expressing concern after reading an April 11, 2010 article in The New York Times which explained that Twitter may finally reign developers in. Or at least give priority to proprietary applications built in-house.

No matter, most of us aren’t all that concerned with the behind the scenes challenges facing developers. They’ll work things out with Twitter just fine. Instead, we’re looking at different ways to enhance our experience while making sure that our tweets don’t get lost in the 50 million plus tweets recorded on most days.

To that end, I’ve composed a brief list of 7 smart Twitter tips to improve your tweeting experience:

1. Say Thanks – Why not send a personal note to new followers thanking them for following you? No, not a canned answer…anyone can do that…rather a direct message tweet for their eyes only? You may be find a deeper connection by reaching out personally.

2. Follow Friday – The days of shouting out to everyone on Follow Friday are so over. Instead, choose a handful of followers to shout out to one by one, encouraging your own followers to follow them, use their service, or whatever.

3. Be Funny – There are enough trolls on Twitter to throw cold water on all of the fun. Oddly, humor is used only from time to time. Why not contribute a smile in the form of a witty, but tasteful joke or riddle?

4. Ask Questions – Make a name for yourself by engaging other users. Consider offering prizes for correct answers…use your interaction as a way to build solid relationships with Twitter faithful.  Build your reputation by being a helpful Twitter user.

5. Multiple Accounts – I manage five Twitter accounts, each one is tied in with websites I manage. It can get crazy going from account to account, but that is where TweetDeck (tweetdeck.com) comes in. Allow your “voice” to be heard through the appropriate account, but don’t spam.

6. Cull Followers – Regularly go through your follower’s list and remove people who aren’t active on Twitter or have traveled to the dark side and are spamming everyone, everywhere. Use SocialOomph (socialoomph.com) to help you choose your followers carefully. Numbers don’t matter…unless you are a celebrity!

7. Smart Hashtags – Using hashtags is perhaps just as important as your tweet, but finding the right ones for certain tweets can be a challenge. That is why I visit a hashtag directory (hashtags.org) to help me find ones that are appropriate. I’ve received many more RTs with the right hashtags in place.

Perhaps the best advice anyone can give about enhancing your Twitter experience is to simply enjoy tweeting and interacting with fellow users. It is as simple as that!

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