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Tax Tips

3 Tips for Reducing Your Taxes

Tweet Add these taxes up and you may be spending far more that what you imagine for government services. You can reduce your overall tax burden by employing one or


Back to School Shopping Tips for Families

Tweet Money-saving tips we can all use. Well, that is exactly what we’re serving up here and for one good reason: a number of states have “tax-free weekends,” representing a

Autos Express

What Every Consumer Should Know About Selling a Car

Tweet You’re also responsible for verifying mileage. If the odometer has been turned back or was disconnected, your state may require you to fill out additional paperwork to verify the

Consumer Tips

Back To School Savings Await Families

Tweet It may be hard to believe but it’s “back to school” time for some students. Sure, August is still a week away but some districts in Florida and elsewhere