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Consumer Financing

Should You Use Your Home’s Equity to Pay for College?

Tweet The cost of college has risen over 300% since 1990 and even if you have been saving, it’s been hard to keep pace. Tuition and fees for an in-state

Home Financing

Pros and Cons of Using a Home Equity Loan to Fund College

Tweet Paying for college is a thought that comes up in every parent’s mind, even before their children are born. If they can’t save a vast amount of money until

Debt Management

Five Warning Signs You Are Nearing Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is on the rise, and it’s not just happening to people who don’t want to pay their bills. Responsible people are devastated when they realize that bankruptcy is inevitable.

Home Financing

Return of the HELOC?

Tweet Pity the poor HELOC. Ostracized by some as demonstrating what is wrong with the American consumer, the HELOC fell out of fashion when credit tightened and the financial markets

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Should You Tap Your Home’s Equity To Manage Personal Debt?

Tweet Your personal debt level can be having an adverse impact on the way that you live. Credit cards, student loans, auto loans and department store debt can quickly add