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Weekly Tip Jan 31: High Bank Fees and What to Do …

Banking fees have been climbing at an alarming rate over the years. These days, it is common to learn about a bank charging $36 for one returned check, $25 for a money transfer, $150 for a consumer loan application, and $10 per month for checking.

Weekly Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip Jan 17: Pending Foreclosure? Take Action …

Tweet If you have fallen behind on your mortgage, then you know red flags are popping up everywhere. Sometimes falling behind a mortgage just can’t be avoided. The loss of

Weekly Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip Jan 10: Re-Establish Your Credit

Tweet With all of the holiday spending and past credit crunches, your credit may have taken a beating. Running your credit card to the maximum limit, making applications for consumer

Weekly Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip Jan 03: Starting 2016 – Let’s Make It a Success

Tweet What can we do to help achieve your 2016 goals and plans? Perhaps you are looking for a better career. Now is the time to find something more rewarding

Weekly Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip Dec 20: Tax (or Fees) Increase?

Tweet You need to protect your income. So starting your own home business and setting it up as a S-Corp can help reduce your taxes (see your tax advisor for

Weekly Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip Dec 13: Time to Refinance Your Home

Home buyers and current owners who want to refinance their homes should take note of a critical line that was recently crossed – the interest rate crossed the 4.0% level before inching back down.

Weekly Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip for Dec 06: What About Your FICO Score

Your FICO score is used by lenders to determine whether you will receive credit and, if so, at what interest rate and terms. The higher your score, the better the rate and terms.

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The Benefits of Having a Great FICO (Credit) Score

FICO Score is another name for Credit Score. FICO used to be the abbreviated name of the firm the Fair Isaac Company. This firm focused on consumer credit history and other factors important to lenders.