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Career Planning

Career as a Dentist- Personality Traits and Qualities of Good Dentists

Tweet Dentists often care for their patients while running their businesses. They have various traits and qualities that enable them to interact with their patients and successfully manage their practices.

Consumer Tips

Affordable Dental Insurance is Easier Than You Think

With the recent changes in health care, some people are wondering when dental insurance will receive an overhaul, especially concerning its cost.

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How to Curtail Your Dental Expenses

Visits to the dentist can set you back several hundred dollars for just an oral exam and a cleaning. Have two or three cavities filled or seek out other work beyond the basics and your bill can easily top $1,000.

The Game of Life

How to Prepare Your Child for a Dental Visit

Tweet For some patients, dental visits never seem to get much better, offering reoccurring feelings of anxiety and dread that can keep some people from receiving much needed oral care.

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Maintaining Your Family’s Dental Health

Tweet Lack of routine dental care and not practicing good oral hygiene is a major cause of periodontal disease in adults. Proper oral hygiene should be taught and practiced at


7 Family Budgeting Tips

Tweet How to save money with the dreaded “b” word. Instead, a sound budget can free up money to allow you to pursue those things you want above the things

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How to Find Affordable Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is the fringe benefit most of us want, but either do not have or isn’t sufficient for our needs.

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You Can Save Money On Healthcare Costs

Tweet Consumers today are being battered by high fuel costs and a sharp rise in groceries, while seeing wages remain virtually stagnant. When consumer confidence is down, the whole country