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Home Fires And The Risks To Your Family’s Safety

Tweet House fires can quickly become deadly at any time of the year, but it seems that the holiday season has a disproportionate number of fires due to flammable decorations,

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Are Zhu Zhu Pets Safe Gifts?

Tweet Consumer Product Safety Commission Says Toys Are Safe It has been said, “Good news travels far, but bad news travels much farther,” a maxim that applies to many areas

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CPSC Warns Consumers of In Home Drowning Dangers

Tweet Homeowners who have a swimming pool understand the accompanying dangers of having one in their yard, especially where small children are concerned. Drownings, even with gates and safety equipment

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CPSC Provides Consumers With Information That They Need

Tweet If you are planning to undertake any kind of project around the home, are you always certain the products you are using are safe? Recent recalls include Honda lawnmowers