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Fire Sale Prices For Pontiac, Saturn Models

Tweet Potential Savings of $7000 Per Vehicle If you have been holding back on buying a new car in search of a better deal, you are not likely to find

Consumer Tips

New Year’s Eve On A (Tight) Budget

Tweet Tomorrow the world begins to welcome in the new year, celebrating like its 1999. Only its really 2009, the threat of a Y2K meltdown is but a distant memory,

Money News Travel Tips

Flight 253: Tragedy Averted, For Now

Tweet Travelers who frequent the airlines have every reason to be concerned that the federal government is not doing everything possible to avert another terrorist attack. Likely, you have been

Autos Express

Protect Your Car, Keep It Clean

Tweet It has been said that buying a new car is one of the worst investments that people can make. But, few of us buy cars with an eye toward

Blog Recap

The Best of 2009

Tweet Our top five articles for the year What exactly makes a website tick? In other words, why are some people drawn to one website and not to another one?

Consumer Tips

Late Shopping Places On Christmas Eve!

Tweet 7 Tips For Late Christmas Eve Shopping On Monday, we mentioned 7 Last Minute Christmas Shopping Tips to help shoppers find what they want with just days left to

Autos Express

Consider Best Resale Value When Buying A Car

Tweet That sporty Dodge Charger SXT in white gold pearl is a real head turner and it is one of the fastest sedans on the market. But when it comes

Home Selling

5 Homeowner Open House Strategies

Tweet If you’re a homeowner working with a real estate agent to sell your home, there are some things you can do make your open house successful, perhaps netting one

Consumer Tips

7 Last Minute Christmas Shopping Tips

Tweet With Christmas at the door, maybe your presents aren’t. In other words, you still have a few gifts to buy and send which means you’re almost out of time.

Consumer Tips Debt Management

Do Debt Relief Companies Offer Real Help?

Tweet Consumers who find themselves in a financial bind often turn to debt relief companies to aid them in the recovery process. With professional assistance, cash strapped consumers may find

Consumer Tips

Home Fires And The Risks To Your Family’s Safety

Tweet House fires can quickly become deadly at any time of the year, but it seems that the holiday season has a disproportionate number of fires due to flammable decorations,

Autos Express

Will Ford and Chevy Squeeze Toyota?

Tweet Now that everyone realizes that Toyota is peopled by mere mortals, the top selling car brand in the United States may soon be relinquishing that position. Through 2006, Ford

Money News

Christmas Cheer? Alive & Thriving!

Tweet Who said that Christmas is a Bah! Humbug!? Why, that would be the fictitious Charles Dickens character Ebenezer Scrooge. The word “scrooge” eventually entered the English lexicon, someone who

Travel Tips

Flying Internationally? Check That Airline Out First!

Tweet You’re planning a trip in the near future, one that will take you overseas to destinations not served by most US air carriers. Your safety concerns have been raised