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Money Management

4 Books That can Help You Take Control of Your Personal Finances

Tweet The hardest part about managing personal finances is resisting the instinct to spend more money than you have. It is tedious to keep track of every dollar spent every


How to Save Money on Back to School Items

Tweet Back to school savings for families Fortunately, there are many ways that consumers can save, tips we have outlined here: Tax Free Weekend – States across America offer tax

Consumer Tips

Are Brick and Mortar Bookstores Doomed?

Tweet I have the good fortune of living within walking distance of two bookstores: Barnes and Noble and Borders. And, just two miles away from my home is a popular

Social Media

Library of Congress Tracks Your Tweets

Tweet Does this news presage a deepening government interest in your personal affairs or has the Library of Congress simply realized that tweeting is of some value beyond Twitter? I’ll

Fun Stuff

Is It Time To Plan A Yard Sale?

Tweet The current economic climate is casting a pall over family finances, but there is one surefire way you can pull in some much needed cash while clearing your home

Consumer Tips

Shopping For Books This Festive Season

Tweet With the holiday season upon us, the challenge of finding the right gift at the right price looms large for many. This year, with retailers slashing prices in a