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Home Buying

Walk This Way: How to Effectively Complete Your Final Walk Through

Tweet It is important to do a final walk through on your future home with unbiased eyes. Take in everything and make sure all of the agreed upon repairs and

Autos Express

Leave No Stone Unturned as You’re Shopping for a Used Car

Tweet There are few things in life that compare to the feeling of buyer’s remorse. When buying a used car, it’s all about doing your research, knowing where to shop

Money Management

5 Awesome Finance Apps You Should Download

Tweet If you are one of those many people who are having a hard time tracking your money matters, you may want to check out the following apps. Quicken Personal

Credit Cards

How to Make Your Credit Cards Work for You to Save Money

Tweet Before you know it, you have maxed out your credit limit and can’t afford to pay back even the minimum payments on all your cards. Smart use of credit


Striking out on Your Own: Life After Living with Mom and Dad

Tweet Moving from the nest is no easy feat considering the harsh economic terrain. Recession-stricken young adults are often “last hired, first fired” in the words of Zhenchao Qian, Ohio

Home Improvement

5 Home Improvements That Can Lower Your Home Insurance

Tweet By making small improvements to your home that reduces the risk that your insurance policy providers take on and therefore will lower the cost to you. Many of these


Simple Fixes to Cut Your Utility Bill

Tweet These DIY projects can save you hundreds of dollars a year Check out a few of these projects: none will cost more than $50, none take more than an

Debt Management

Personal Debt News Story

Tweet It can sully credit ratings, making it hard to get approved for mortgages or other kinds of loans. It can also cause all kinds of stress and worry. So,

Consumer Financing

Land of Pharaohs, Pyramids and Good Banking!

Tweet Whether tourist or expatriate, from the UK or elsewhere, you might just be a little surprised by the inclusion of banking in the list. Think Egypt, think Tutankhamen, Cleopatra,

Free Internet Tools

Is Bartering the Answer to Economic Crisis? Gives the Answer!

Tweet If you go back, at the ancient years, when money had no presence, you will see that everyone was happy as he could fulfill his needs by exchanging. So,

Home Tips

4 Good Coupon Sites To Follow For Good Holiday Deals

Tweet But with smart tools and advanced preparations the Holidays need not be a time to worry, instead enjoy your time with family and friends knowing that you have done

Money News

5 Ways to Spot Counterfeit Coins

Tweet Unlike with common coins, there is a fair amount of incentive to forge expensive or rare specimens. A rare coin can go for thousands of dollars, so counterfeiting one

Credit Cards

Little Known Ways to Get the Best Prepaid Credit Card

Tweet It can often seem like the odds are stacked against you, especially in our modern society, where having a credit history can be crucial for all sorts of financial

Debt Management

How to Rebuild Your Credit After Bankruptcy

Tweet Most people are aware of the financial repercussions of bankruptcy, but what many people are unaware of the emotional distress that bankruptcy can cause. While you may feel that

College Planning

What is a Bachelor’s in Information Technology?

Tweet We have seen an increase in the number of people who are opting to be online students, and to earn their degrees over the Internet. And because of this