Education: More Accessible Than You’d Ever Believe

Education: More Accessible Than You’d Ever Believe
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    Education – a world of snotty teenagers, yawn-worthy lessons, fusty teachers and mind-numbing facts and figures.

    It's a place where dunces are put in corners and headmasters loom over the idea of fun, choking it to its last breath.

    At least, that's how you remember it.


While a lot of people think school represented the best days of their lives, those at the bottom of the social ladder most likely resent being forced into those stuffy classrooms for a large portion of their prepubescent lives. And those negative experiences can inform the perception of education for the rest of a person’s life.

They’ll dodge night school, stay distant from distant learning and balk at the concept of educational programming. Yet within their ignorance, the basic human need to know is fighting to get out.

Inferiority complex

Beyond a basic aversion to education is a feeling of inferiority. You’re too stupid to learn anything new. You couldn’t cope with the extra coursework. Your lack of previous experience bars you, psychologically, from the world of learning.

But the problem with having a poor educational background is obvious – attaining success in the jobs market will become a struggle.

Slowly but surely those with a poor educational background come to realize just how stultified they were by the struggles they faced as a teenager. When faced with this realization, some will jump headfirst into adult education. But many more people will become lost in the cracks, stuck in the same financial position as they were at the age of 17.

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Alternative education

These people will miss out on a vast array of options, not least because areas of education broaden once you’ve broken free from the shackles of state schooling.

This is a time to find your passions and follow them to their logical conclusion – a job in an industry you love.

Enrolling in a further educational course could allow you to explore avenues that are hitherto underfunded in schools. Are you a fitness fanatic who can knock up a superfood smoothie? There are fitness courses online which will give you a professional qualification that will help you break into the private gym market. Do you like nothing more than English literature? There are myriad courses that could help you gain more in-depth knowledge in the humanities.

These are just two options, but the message is clear – almost everyone with an interest can turn it into a professional standard qualification.

We’ve got to break down the barriers of education to show people how much it can enrich their lives, and that they’re not too stupid to attain a qualification. With greater awareness of what education actually means, we could have a smarter population as a whole.

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