Why Lock Picking Is Such an Essential Skill To Have

Why Lock Picking Is Such an Essential Skill To Have
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    If you’re learning how to pick locks, most people might assume that you are up to criminal activity, but learning this essential skill could save your life.


In life, it is of the utmost importance that we know how to take care of ourselves in virtually any situation. This may be an easy feat to manage when we are in a state of comfort, but when we are outside of that comfort space, we can still learn to make life just as sweet.

This can be achieved with practice if we know what we are doing and hone the necessary skills. Why lock picking is such an essential skill to have is similar to the benefits of camping and wilderness survival—it could potentially save your life one day.


In most cases, people view locks with a certain level of security. By having a lock, you are entrusting that your things will be protected by a guard that cannot be broken. Most people realize that this isn’t entirely true and simply hope for the best.

The truth is that people can get into your things if they truly want to, especially with tools like lock picks and bolt cutters for the less professional. So, if you ever lock your things up and lose the key, you can rest assured knowing that you will have the means to access them again so long as you have a quality lockpicking set and the necessary skills.

Learn To Be Elusive

When learning how to pick locks, your skills will improve the more often you practice. What you gain from this is the ability to get into locks efficiently, and you secure an untraceable means of getting into and out of situations quickly and without notice.

This will be extremely important if you don’t want to draw attention to yourself, especially if you are in a life-or-death situation. Not only that, but this is a skill that not everyone understands, which could allow you to get out of situations that you never intended on getting stuck in to begin with.


How often do we forget our keys or have the wrong set? This is never the case with lockpicks. The general rule of thumb is to always keep a set on you, and because most lockpicks are universal, you can be sure that you will likely be able to get into a lock in any situation.

Having this kind of reliability is something to be thankful for, as there are plenty of cases where people lose or forget their keys and need to get into a locked room or chest.

All in all, lockpicking is an essential skill that most people miss out on because of the negative attention associated with the craft. However, lockpicking does not have to be as nefarious and criminal as people assume it to be.

Knowing how to survive can help you navigate dire situations and get through the tough times. For example, you may need to access essential foods and medicines that are stored inside a locked container. These are simply examples of why lockpicking is such an essential skill to have; you never know when you might need this skill most.

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