Tips for Using a Staffing Agency to Find Work

Tips for Using a Staffing Agency to Find Work
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    The hunt for a new job is incredibly difficult if you don't know where to look.

    With the market constantly changing and demands for certain industries fluctuating year after year, it takes someone who knows how to navigate this environment to help.


This is why many current jobseekers utilize staffing agencies to supply them with this information as well as the tools to help them succeed. If you’re changing careers, or even just switching jobs, use these tips for using a staffing agency to find work.

Find the Right Agency

You don’t want to trust just any staffing agency. In fact, there are several things to look for when selecting an agency. If you don’t do your research, you end up wasting time as your next new opportunity slips away.

For starters, find a business that understands your industry and its job market as well as what those positions typically require. Also, ensure that they have good reviews and are easy for you to work with throughout your search.

Ask Questions

Whether you’re new to your current industry or simply want to know more about the current job market, always take advantage of your agency’s knowledge.

Asking a lot of questions about the job search—and even the recruiting process—will give you a better understanding of each step. 

Being upfront with any confusion you might have is also a great way to get help with certain elements of the process, such as putting together a resume.

Make the Most of the Initial Interview

Another crucial tip for using a staffing agency to find work is to go into your agency interview like you would an actual job interview.

Not only is this great practice for the months ahead, but it also shows your recruiter how you conduct yourself and what you still need to work on. With the information they gain from your first interaction, they can develop a personalized process to help you get where you want to go.

Be Honest About What You’re Looking For

During your initial interview with your recruiter, they’ll ask you several questions about your career goals and ambitions. This information helps them understand what types of jobs you’re interested in and whether your skill set matches up with certain positions.

Make sure you’re fully honest about these things, as what you say will determine how your agency researches jobs and screens potential opportunities.

other valuable tips:

Utilize All Their Available Resources

Staffing agencies provide various resources, depending on the needs of their clients. From interview preparation and practice to resume and cover letter writing help, they offer something for every step of the application process. As such, if you need help with any of these steps, take advantage of their resources.

Staffing agencies can also help you expand your professional network. By connecting with your recruiter on LinkedIn, they can put you in touch with additional job opportunities and talk to certain businesses on your behalf.

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