Top Resources for Educators to Help Improve Their Teaching

Top Resources for Educators to Help Improve Their Teaching
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    The desire to be a better teacher and/or improve your classroom capabilities is an incredibly strong motivator for taking educator professional development online courses - and with a number of highly-rated and high-quality online courses, there's a good chance you'll learn a lot, too.


Here’s a short list of some of the top programs out there for teaching professionals.

Books on Educating

Teaching in America: An Introduction to Education in the United States by Richard Bump and Mary Patience is a fantastic course that tackles the history of education in America. The authors take you step-by-step through the steps necessary for you to succeed in a career as a teacher.

Their goal, of course, is to provide you with a solid foundation for teaching in the field you’re interested in. This is a course you may want to consider when preparing to take a teacher professional development online course on the topic of public education.

"The Art of the Classroom Instruction," by Joseph Geeves and Paul V. Murphy, takes the theory of the theory behind classroom instruction and applies it to real classroom situations. This is a course you might consider if you’re looking to do a teacher professional development online class on how to implement these theories into a classroom.

How To Be a Great Teacher by Karen Houghton is designed for those who want to know everything about teaching. In "How To Be a Good Teacher," Houghton covers all of the important facets of teaching, such as classroom design, communication, behavior management, and more.

It provides excellent information on the most popular teaching methods and strategies and also offers a number of resources for teachers who want to make the most out of their careers.

It is an ideal choice for someone looking to take a teacher professional development online course in these important areas.

Educating Online

You can also find a number of teacher development program online. There are a number of online courses you can take to help you prepare yourself to be a better educator, so don’t hesitate – start looking!

"Teacher Education in the 21st Century" is designed to help teachers expand their horizons as educators online by providing an understanding of the ways technology is transforming the way they communicate with their students. Online teacher training is becoming a common and popular way to train future educators.

There are several other online teaching guides. For example, there’s the "Foundations of Curriculum: Achieving Teaching Order in School," "American Educators: An Introduction," "The Curriculum of Teaching in the 21st Century," and "The Power of the Curriculum" by Pauline Gebhardt. All of them are excellent courses that will benefit you and your students.

If you’re looking for a great teacher professional development online course that can also teach you about the history of American education in general, there’s "An Introduction to US Education," by John P. Kihlstrom.

This course will give you the basics on what’s being taught in our schools and will give you a background in history as well. For anyone thinking of becoming a teacher, this is a must-take for anybody considering a career in public education.

Professional Development

If you’re interested in an advanced teacher professional development online course, consider taking "The Psychology of Teaching." This course covers the theories behind teaching, as well as the psychology of teachers and students. It will show you how to help your students through the various aspects of the classroom, and it also gives you information about some of the issues that face today’s classrooms.

other valuable tips:

The "Teacher Professional Development Online Course" is a great course that will give you insight into how to become a better educator, even if you don’t have a whole lot of experience in the field. You will learn the different types of people who attend public schools, as well as how to get into teaching for them. If you’re interested in teaching kindergarteners, this class will show you how to help develop and raise up the young ones, and how to help them succeed in school.

If you have a lot of ideas on the topics covered by any of these courses, or if you have something specific you want to learn, contact your local library for a copy of any of them. The National Council for Teachers of Mathematics is one of the best sources for professional development courses.

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