8 Simple Backpacking Tips You Need To Know

8 Simple Backpacking Tips You Need To Know
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    Trips are essential events for everyone.

    They are an indispensable addition to impact your mental and physical health positively.


The thought of an enjoyable trip ahead makes us joyous. Sometimes, we should also focus on how we can make the trek easier for ourselves with joy. It might be your first trip or your tenth; everyone’s a bit nervous before going on a hike.

Here are eight simple backpacking tips you need to know to clear the air and make your trip worthwhile.

Travel Light

Backpacking or not, this is a thumb rule for all the trips. It would be best if you packed as less as possible. This will make your trek easier because you will carry less weight on your trail. To facilitate this tip, you should insist on buying things lighter than their alternatives, for example – lighter shoes, jackets, water bottles, etc.

If you have acquired everything you need for the trip, and yet some of it requires more space, look for the best roof rack accessories to equip your vehicle. You can use the roof rack of your car to place your extra luggage.

You should assess your meals for their calories to make your backpack lighter. Choose the foods that have more calories in minimal weight. Some good picks for this category are protein bars, ready to have skillets that require less than 15 oz of boiling water to cook.

Some dehydrated curries are available in the market that prepares a wholesome dinner on adding hot water. These food items also leave a lot of space for packing other stuff. 

Tell Someone About Your Whereabouts.

On a precautionary measure, it’s important to tell people where you are headed to. In this case, if things go south, your near and dear ones will know where you are and can come to rescue you.

We understand that for some of you, the trip is sentimental, and hence very private. Consider informing your parents, colleagues, or best friend. Even if you don’t want to notify them, leave the SOS number that you’d dial if things turn out harshly with your trip planner. They’ll contact your caretakers on your behalf.

Acquire Basic First Aid Skills

No one knows the situation they are going to face on their backpacking trip, that’s why it’s essential to prepare yourself on all fronts. The most important of them is first aid. There are hundreds of first aid classes available online, and you can learn some significant tricks from them. It might sound useless now, but you can’t be sure if you will need them.

Some necessary first aid skills to learn are:

  1. Disinfecting a wound, and stitching it (if needed).
  2. Tending to Hypothermia & Hyperthermia.
  3. Caring for burns.
  4. Treating a trigger finger.
  5. CPR for extreme conditions.

Hydrate Yourself Properly.

On an average day spent on an office chair, typing and clicking, you will need to have about half a gallon of water. But, on the day of your strenuous backpacking trip, you might have to drink a quarter of that every two hours or so.

If you don’t drink enough water, your body fluids will start decreasing at an alarming rate, and we don’t want that. Set the alarm on your watch or phone every two hours to prevent this situation. Treat this alarm as a reminder for you to hydrate yourself.

Do Your Homework

Traveling is spiritual and therapeutic for all, but the lack of knowledge about the place you are going to may result in unforeseen scenarios. If you research and get to know that the place might get a bit cold at night, you should purchase a sleeping bag that’ll keep you warm.

On the contrary, for a wet area, you need to pack some waterproof covers, clothes, and accessories. You will have this upper hand over the place’s weather if you research things ahead of the trip.

Another prominent thing to research about the place is its wildlife. Although most treks and hikes are safe from wild animals, no one is 100 percent sure about the casualties.

If you find out something about the wildlife that might harm you, keep your fire on all the time at night, and try to make your bed above the ground, preferably among the trees or on the high grounds.

Choose The Perfect Footwear.

Most people choose utterly unreasonable footwear for their trail that has heels or are fancy and not robust. Don’t be one of them. Choose the right footwear for your trip.

The right shoes will protect your ankles, come with quality traction, be comfortable as well as breathable. Apart from these specs, your boots should fit you well, giving you a firm grip on the uncertain ground. 

Boost Your Endurance.

With good endurance, comes a great hiring experience. Training your body before a backpacking trip is essential, and you need to commit to it. An excellent physical endurance enhancing routine includes practicing running, weightlifting, and breathing exercises.

other valuable tips:

An alternative way to increase your strength is to pack your backpack to its full capacity and take it on a day hike for an hour or two. Also, wear some different footwear by turns to segregate the best fit for your actual trip.

Know Your Limits.

Ascending in a hike at a uniform speed is essential, but knowing when to rest is crucial. You need to understand that the human body needs rest to repair and prepare for the upcoming physical work.

When you take breaks strategically during your hike, you ensure the quality of your trek to be premium. Consider stopping by and enjoy the scenic view around from wherever you are. Relax for a while, have a protein bar, hydrate yourself, and then move on to an exponential journey.


Use these eight simple backpacking tips to begin your trail on the right foot and enjoy your time without any interventions. Also, make sure not to leave any trace on the beautiful land of nature. Do not throw plastic wastes here and there because no one is watching you. Maintain the beauty and pureness of the landscape, and it will return you with experience of the lifetime.

Image Credit: backpacking tips by Pixabay

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