5 Beautiful Places in the World to Find Peace of Mind

5 Beautiful Places in the World to Find Peace of Mind
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    We all have different intentions for a vacation.

    And this beautiful world around us has so many options to ease the longings of us all.


If you are a passionate traveler staring at a world map scratch poster and if you like your vacation to vibe some peace, then here are five gorgeous destinations around the world for calm vacation time and find peace of mind.

County Donegal, Ireland:

Your first steps into this place will bring nostalgic memories of classic English countries from the movies you have cherished. The warm summer breeze that tingles your spirit is the perfect place to soak in peace in the world’s least populated county.

The wide-open spaces filled with greenery, the astounding view from the cliff tops and the authentic English cottages by the sea are an ethereal sight to vacation by. You can rent a beautiful cottage and enjoy exploring this place.

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Situated in the rugged North coast of Ireland, the picturesque beauty this place is perfection. The unspoiled splendor of the place is great for traveling alone and enjoying some time for self. The sparkling sunshine that captures the waves, the gorgeous colors that fill the sky and the unmatchable cuisine of the place is worth the visit.

You can ferry out to the island villages situated around or take a breathtaking view of the craggy coastline from Port. Some of the best places to enjoy around this county include Donegal Castle, Glenveagh Castle, Glengesh pass, Dunfanaghy and Glebe House and Gallery.

Ise, Japan:

A country full of fast-moving lives also houses the most peaceful place you can find on the planet. Ise Jingu is embraced by nature with its elegant flora and fauna, and the majestic sight of the mountains will leave you mesmerized. This place is known as the soul of Japan and is the home for Shinto shrines dedicated to the Amaterasu or the sun goddess.

This place has a special part in the hearts of the Japanese people who yearn to visit it once in their lifetime. Although the place is popular among tourists because of the shrines, the beauty and large area combine to offer you a peaceful stay.

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One can witness the streaks of soft sunlight that pass through a grove of cedar trees. These stand by the crystal clear waters of the stream brimming in beauty. You can take a stroll around the Shinto shrines, where the regular ceremonies will add a glorious melody to the air. They blend with the gorgeous view and gives you an experience like never before. You can take a walk in the Okage-yokocho street and Oharai -machi Area to cherish some local gourmet food such as noodles and tea.

Na Pali Coast, Kauai:

The mesmerizing greenery that rises 4000 feet above the majestic waves of the pacific ocean is a place for peace, quiet and adventure. The hike through the trail of Kalalau is an experience like never before. The trail faces the ocean that stretches its beauty for as far as your sight reaches.

The green scenery on the way would make every step of the trail feel like a step into meditation. Taking a stroll through the 1000 foot Hanako falls to the mile-long Kalalau beach, is an impeccable journey of self-discovery and bliss.

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Situated in Hawaii the sea cliffs, sandy beaches, cascading waterfalls, the narrow valleys, and gleaming streams make up most of the Na Pali Coast. You can enjoy some alone time while cradled by nature and also take some time off to explore some exciting places around here. The Limahuli Garden and Preserve, Puua Kila, Na Pali Catamaran, Koke mountains are a few sights you can visit. The place also offers a range of adventure activities you can explore apart from the gorgeous parks and greenery.

Cape Reinga, New Zealand:

A country blessed with pristine beauty, New Zealand is not new to beautiful places that ooze beauty and calm. Cape Reinga is one of the many locations in the country flushed with azure waters and lush greenery. This location is where the Pacific Ocean and the Tasman Sea meet, and this union is a glorious sight to witness.

This place also has a mythological significance. Some consider it the place where the soul of the dead reaches and from here they depart to the eternal home.

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The place has a mystic vibe with graceful, old trees that cover the land. The cliffs and seafronts are a serene sight to soak in during any time of the day. Tourists often share a spiritual journey while exploring the place. The sceneries are dramatic and glorious and fill your eyes with love for this earth and your life.

Sabi Sands, South Africa:

Among the adrenaline rushing adventures in the wilderness, Africa can also splash some peaceful, soul-refreshing sights like the Sabi Sands. The Sabi Sands game reserve will not only introduce you to some of the wildest predators of the world but also compliment you with a luxury safari experience like never before.

The reserve stretches about 65000 hectares pioneered by the locals. Located among the majestic forests of the area, this luxury stay promises a chance to cherish the beauty of Africa like ever before.

find peace of mind

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Take a safari tour to explore the wildlife of the area. The route of the safari is brimming with tall trees, shrubs, bushes, and a magnificent variety of flora, that will capture your heart. The location is pure elegance complemented with delectable gourmet cuisine. You will feel close to nature and soak in tranquility while you visit this place.

These incredible destinations across the word promise you a peaceful vacation that you will cherish all your life.

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