7 Best Places to Visit in France

7 Best Places to Visit in France
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    Most of the European countries count themselves in the best destinations in the world.

    But, some are even outstanding than known. In other words, I am talking about France.


Officially known as the French Republic, France is a metropolitan territory in Western Europe. Spread in the landscapes of 643,801 Sq. Km. France has a population equivalent to 67.02 million people.

Every year about 90 million people worldwide visit France, which makes the country most visited by the tourists in the entire world. This number is equal to 10% of the world tourist market that exceeds France’s population of 60 million.

Disneyland Paris (12 million), Eiffel Tower (6.2 million), Château de Versailles (2.8 million), Mont Saint-Michel (1 million), and Puy de Dôme (500,000) are among the most visited tourist places annually in France collectively. There is no doubt that France has the best wines in the world.

Apart from its wines, France has captivating cultures and civilizations, sophisticated sculptures, marvelous monuments, fabulous food options, lavishing landscapes, majestic mountains, delightful cuisines.

Did you say, etc.? Well, there is no end to the best places in France, yet we have managed to accumulate the seven best places to visit in France for you!

1. Paris

The city full of lights is the capital city of France. Probably, the most visited city in France, Paris has many tourist destinations. If you think that Eiffel tower is the major tourist visiting destination, my friend, you are mistaken.

Disneyland of Paris attracts almost 12 million people, followed by the Eiffel tower, which attracts half of it that is equivalent to 6.2 million people per annum. Magnificent Museums, primitive churches, the riverbed of the entire city flooded with lights, Versailles palace, all are the other appealing things adding the fashion shopping from Paris.

paris fashion

2. Cannes – French Riviera

Cannes is the city located in the French Riviera, France. This collective destination of luxurious hotels and worldwide popular conferences French Riviera is the hot favorite among the celebrities and posh tourists.

The main attraction is the Cannes film festival that is believed to be the most expensive of its kind in the world. Other attractions reside in the car races, gambling spots, and fairytale romance architectures in Monaco.

Saint Tropez is famous for its allurement. The beaches of the French Riviera in the Mediterranean sea hold a moderate climate perfect for the beach visits.  It’s a classic French appeal!

cannes fashion

3. Nice – French Riviera

Having a share with Cannes on the Mediterranean shores, Nice has beaches that are beyond beautiful. It has historical monuments that make the history seekers fall in love with it. It has a culture within which is enough to attract tourists who are cultural enthusiasts.

The waters in the reservoirs are crystal clear to transparent level peaks. The palm trees sway in the breeze, the old tangled streets of the city, old churches compete to date with the modern architectures to make the Roman remains to enrich the town – Nice!

nice fashion

4. Bordeaux

Nestled on the river Garonne, Bordeaux is the wine junction of France. The city is the principal port city with remarkable ancient bridges like Ponte de Pierre. The fascinating city lights, pre-historic localities, art sculptures spread across the city come together to invite tourists on its visit.

The vineyards of Bordeaux are famous out of your imagination. There are aggregately more than 100,000 vineyards in the Bordeaux and nearby villages. All have a lot to offer, not just wine but an exceptional experience. The city has multicolored buildings to let you click plenty of pictures.

Bordeaux fashion

5. Loire Valley

A cut-throat competitor to Bordeaux, Loire valley also is famous for its various vineyards and chateaux charm. The Loire valley extends on a  280 km river belt on the river Loire for giving away picturesque views.

Apart from the supernatural scenes, Loire valley has vineyards that produce wines, allow you to make your blend, and busy in the business of wine tastings. The mesmerizing historical villages of the Loire village have contributed to owing the title of World Heritage Site under the UNESCO certificate. You must try spending time in the towns of Loire valley with wines! 

Loire Valley fashion

6. Mount Saint Michael

An island in the rocky Normandy, France, Mount Saint Michael is standing tall, up, and straight in the waters of France’s northern-western seacoast. It is one of the most preferred and visited places in France. Built-in the layers in the form of one on the other, the antiquated rock structure is a breath taker!

The devotees of Saint Michael in 708 AD built this monastery of the saint and devoted him. To date, the mountain is intact in terms of awestruck appearance and architectural designs that grab the eye of onlookers! Perhaps the tidal bay and the mountain have their names in the record of world heritage sites of UNESCO.

mount saint michael fashion

7. Lyon

Lyon holds the third rank for its regional provinces as it is the third large city in France. Also, Lyon is the second large urban area in France. Located in the east-central part of France, Lyon is on the conflux of two rivers, namely, Rhone and Saone. Mainly, Lyon is recognized for its gastronomy and cuisines and historical landmarks.

Lyon holds significance as a hub of silk producer and weaver. Crucial cinema inventions were made in Lyon by  Auguste and Louis Lumière – that’s why it is historically renowned.

Roman remains on the hills, the Odeon of Lyon, the Gallo-Roman Museum, and theatre of Fourvière, and, also the Amphitheatre of three Gauls, and its Roman ruins are all major attraction in Lyon.

Lyon Fashion

The final word – from the romantic getaway till the historical upliftments, from cultural courtesy till the glamourous castles, from witty vineyards till the magnificent French Riviera, France has all the distinct options for all the different age people. After visiting these places, all you need is a carte a gratter to store all your indelible memories.

You will wonder about knowing that France has all the best-amalgamated destinations at a single spot! If you are planning your next trip and looking up to a fabulous destination to explore, trust me, France is your best match undoubtedly!

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