5 of the Best Tools to Use for Caulking Windows

5 of the Best Tools to Use for Caulking Windows
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    Whether you’re an avid home remodeler or you’re just a DIYer, replacing windows is a necessary skill to have.

    While there are many aspects involved in replacing the windows in your home, we’re going to focus on just one of them today.


Caulking windows can be done with a professional look with these five great tools.

Caulking Gun

To start caulking windows, you’re going to need the basic tool of a caulking gun. These are readily available at all your local hardware stores. The trick is to realize that they’re not all crafted the same. You should opt for a caulking gun that has an automatic stopper and a collapsible tube piercer for opening your caulking tubes.

Weatherproof Caulking

Next up, you’re going to need to have caulking. Most homeowners will opt for white colored caulking as it will traditionally match the white vinyl windows.

However, the right color for your project is going to highly depend on the color of your window frames. It’s best to try and match them or utilize clear caulking.

Make sure you purchase weatherproof caulking that is specifically made for windows so it will stand up to the weather and last a long time

Finishing Set

No window replacement is complete without finishing the caulking by pressing it into the gap.

There are tons of finisher tools on the market that you can purchase. They all essentially create a nice finished look by pressing the caulking down.

You can use your finger if you’re an experienced caulker. However, most people don’t know the right amount of pressure to apply to get an even caulking layer of finish.

Window Squeegee Scraper

Accidents happen, especially if you’re a first-time DIYer. It’s best to have some tools that can help to ensure you can remedy the problems soon after they happen. When it comes to windows, it’s very common for newbies to get caulking on the window itself. With a window squeegee scraper, you can easily remove that caulking without spreading it all over the window and creating a bigger mess.

other valuable tips:

Scraper Tool

Apart from the window squeegee scraper which is specifically designed to remove excess caulking from glass, there are traditional scraper tools. These work to remove dried caulking from various surfaces such as wood without damaging them. You’ll want to have one of these around as well to clean up any imperfections in your caulking job.

Caulking windows isn’t overly difficult to do when you have the right tools by your side. The above are five of the best tools that you should have available to you when undergoing your caulking project. Realize that the value of your finished product is going to highly depend on the tools that you utilize to complete it.

Image Credit: caulking windows by envato.com

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