5 Strategic Tips to Inspire Teen Confidence When Taking the SAT

5 Strategic Tips to Inspire Teen Confidence When Taking the SAT
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    While some colleges and universities have moved away from requiring SAT scores for admission, many institutions still do.

    In other words, SAT scores still matter when it comes to college admissions.


Struggles with this exam can arise, especially when your teenagers lack confidence. Therefore, employ some strategies for building up that confidence.

Encourage Practice Exams

Succeeding on the SAT typically involves practicing for the exam. Your teenagers might feel as though will score poorly on the exam, yet they may be basing this assertion on very little evidence or no evidence at all.

Taking practice exams allows your teenagers to see where their strengths lie. While they may not earn a high score the first time they take a practice exam, they can at least identify the areas to work on.

Register for Preparation Courses

Your teenagers do not need to figure out how to ace the SAT on their own. Taking classes in preparation for the exam is a common happening.

You can look into classes offered at their high schools, or you could see what the offerings are at the local library. In classes, students learn about specific strategies for tackling the SAT.

Offer Honors Classes

The SAT can prove to be a challenging exam. If your youngsters aren’t used to challenges at school, they may struggle on the exam day.

Instead of allowing your kids to stay complacent and enrolled in courses that are easy for them to succeed in, encourage your kids to take honors classes.

You could also research a college prep high school so that the coursework is geared toward the SAT and classes that your kids will eventually take in college. Also, success in more challenging courses can remind your children that they have the potential to succeed.

Try a College Classes

Your kids may also worry about the SAT because they feel as though they are not up to the challenge of college-level work. If your teens are considering certain colleges or universities, find out if these schools allow for trial classes. Also, your kids might have the opportunity to take courses in high school for college credit. They can see that they are up to this challenge.

Schedule the Right Date

Chances are that you have at least a few options when it comes to scheduling a date for your kids to take the SAT. If your teenager is playing in a big football game on a particular Friday, don’t schedule the exam for the next day. Choosing a time when your children can focus solely on the exam is wise and can help in building confidence.

other valuable tips:

Your teenagers won’t have to worry about stressing over other tasks. You want to make sure that you won’t have them taking the SAT the weekend after a rough and crowded time. They should go in confident with plenty of time to prepare and go in with a calm state of mind without distractions.

Taking the SAT is a challenge for many students. However, you don’t want this challenge to overwhelm your teenagers. Helping your kids to build up their confidence can make some significant changes.

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