How Parents Can Help Their Military Children Afford College

How Parents Can Help Their Military Children Afford College
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    College is one expense that pays off in the long run when your child is able to launch a successful career.

    As a military family, your child may be eligible for a range of different financial aid options that can all help them to make their dream of going to college come true.


Once your child has expressed their interest in furthering their education, be sure to check out these potential options that can make their college years more affordable. Here are some of the ways parents can help their military children afford college.

Find Out How to Fast Track Their Degree Plan

After serving in the military, your child will most likely have a wide range of skills and educational experiences that may be able to be used toward their degree plan. Talk to the college admissions department to find out which types of experiences may be counted toward their credits.

For instance, your child might have served in a healthcare role in the military, and this can help them to obtain credits that could work for a nursing degree. Being able to fast track their degree plan can save money on tuition and books.

Explore Programs Offered by the School

Colleges desire military students because they know that they have learned valuable lessons during their service that help them contribute to the academic community.

Make sure to inquire about tuition assistance for military personnel that may include things such as discounted rates on the cost for classes that are offered by the school. Your child may also be eligible for veteran education benefits that can also apply to active service members during certain situations. By exploring school programs, you will be able to find lots of financial and other assistance for your military child.

Apply for Military Scholarships

There are many different types of scholarships that are available to help students pay for their education. Many of these scholarships are awarded based upon the branch that your child served in along with other factors such as their degree plan. Be sure to check out all of the potential scholarships that are offered at your child’s school. Some do have application deadlines, which means that you want to stay on top of things for the upcoming academic year. Be sure to encourage your child to apply for all the scholarships they are eligible for.

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Develop a Budget for Other College Expenses

Your child’s tuition is not the only cost associated with going to college. Your child may need to pay for textbooks or other supplies for school. Start by looking at their financial aid package to determine if there are any additional funds left after they cover their tuition. In many cases, the package is generous enough to help cover the cost of books. Your child can also save money by taking online classes that allow them to continue to live at home rather than paying for residential fees at a dorm.

Although parents sometimes shudder at the thought of paying for tuition, your child’s military service is a major asset that can make it far more affordable than you might expect. By exploring all of the options that they have available, you can help them set up their education in a way that makes the best financial sense.

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