Top 5 Side Hustles for Retired Women

Top 5 Side Hustles for Retired Women
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    Oftentimes, we think of side hustles as a preserve for those just starting out or mid careers.

    After all, side hustles are supposed to help us supplement our main stream of income.


But according to a Merrill Lynch study, changing economic tide and the need to keep oneself busy are drawing seniors into the gig economy. Fore retired women, here are top five side hustles to help you earn the simple dollar while keeping you engaged.

1. Rideshare Gig

Being a Lyft or Uber drivers can be fulfilling to the core. You not only choose the number of hours to work but also have a chance to interact with your customers. It doesn’t only help you earn but also gives you an opportunity to overcome the loneliness that often comes with this new phase of life.

2. Pet sitter

There is a good chance you take your lovely dog out for a walk on most afternoons. Suppose you convinced your neighbors to let you walk their pets for a fee during this time.

You could earn yourself some good dollars while still enjoying those pleasurable walk. Actually, being a pet sitter can be the easiest side gig you can think of in your retirement. You can add some auxiliary services such as pet grooming to earn even more bucks.

3. Start a home cleaning venture

If you are the easily sociable character, you can take up home cleaning venture for some extra dollars. Many career people don’t have sufficient time to clean up their compounds or homes and would appreciate your time.

What’s more! You only need to invest in a few cleaning equipment and business cards to get started. With time, you can turn your fledgling side hustle into a serious business that makes you serious money in your retirement days.

4. Photography

If you love snapping those awkward moments or scenic sites, then you can think of photography for some green bucks. You will always find gigs in events such as family gatherings, low-key weddings, graduation ceremonies and more. If your photography is top notch, you will have curved for yourself a lucrative niche.

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5. Personal chef

If profession revolved around culinary arts, retirement shouldn’t prevent you from making those glamorous meals that you’ve always liked. You can seek to be a caterer for events such as organized dinners, weddings, or even seek to offer your services to your busy neighbors.

6. Parting shot

If you thought the gig economy is a preserve for millennials, it is time to rethink again. You can earn a decent income from your side hustles while keeping your retirement phase exciting and pleasurable.

If you are wondering where to start, just share this article with your friends on social media and, soon, the calls from potential clients may start rolling in.

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