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Business Opportunities

Business Prospects with the Top Fast Food Chains in India

Tweet North Indians, for example, love South Indian food, and it is well-documented that North Indian franchises earn great profits in South India. American, Italian and Chinese foods have also

Financial Planning

It is Your Responsibility to Take Charge of Your Finances

The biggest gift you can give yourself is to take 100 percent responsibility for your life and circumstances. Too often, people blame others for their circumstances. Money is no different. There is always someone to blame.

Product Reviews Weekly Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip August 07: Some 6 Factors to Consider when Buying Ladies Shoes

Most women if not all women alive go wild over new and beautiful shoes. Shoes not only add confidence but they are also a good indication of a woman’s fashion sense and their style.

Career Development

Two Simple Rules for a Smoother Work Transition

Tweet According to a Forbes article, “The average worker today stays at each of his or her jobs for 4.4 years, according to the most recent available data from the

Consumer Financing

3 Things to Look Out for in Your Line of Credit

Realizing you need a little extra help when it comes to paying the bills is a simple decision. The real challenge lies in finding a lender that can provide a line of credit that’s a responsible addition to your finances.


How to Regain Control of the U.S. Oil Market

As economist, theorist, and philosopher Rudolph Hiferding once said, “The expansion of the market creates a need for enhanced and more regular supply, and this in turn impels commercial capital to acquire control of production as well.”


What Happens To Your Family When You Don’t Have Life Insurance?

When you’re young and just getting started with your own career, a life insurance policy seems like one of those things that just doesn’t apply to you.


The Pros and Cons of Adapting a Universal Currency

Given the intricacies of utilizing different currencies, why can’t the world just adopt a universal currency to make things simple? That is one of the thoughts many people might have stumbled upon, once in a while.

Business Services

Translating Your Business Acumen Into Your Personal Finances

The world bombards people with so many different types of data, information and stimuli 24/7/365. Perhaps, you might be very effective at properly using this information to generate high sales for your firm.


To Accept or Decline an Early Retirement Benefit Buyout?

Corporate downsizing has become a pretty common trend in the modern business world. Sadly, such strategies leave employees jobless with little or no cash to start over.