Weekly Tip June 05: 5 Essential SEO Tips from SEO Expert

<span>Weekly Tip June 05:</span> 5 Essential SEO Tips from SEO Expert
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    Being part of a SEO services company, every day we get emails from several business owners regarding the website ranking challenges they are facing and how much they need our service to stay in the race.

    SEO is a complicated and dynamic field, and only expert SEO companies can help you earn a good rank on SERP.


Like every professional service provider, we need money to grow our company; however, during our conversations with the clients, we have noticed that some website owners lack basic optimization knowledge and cunning SEO firms fooled them by charging extra, telling that they were doing something special. Since the goal of our blog is to enhance your knowledge and help you take an informed decision, here are five basic yet crucial SEO tips from us. You can take care of these tasks personally and then start searching for an SEO company to overcome the challenges that you can’t tackle.

Concentrate on users’ intention

A few years ago, the primary goal of any website owner was to drive maximum traffic to the site, but now things have changed quite a lot. It’s not just good enough to bring people to your site. You need to fulfill their goals too. If people come to your site and leave immediately realizing that their search term does not match with the type of service you provide then Google will notice the bounce rate. It is better to bring few visitors, but make sure that you have something to meet their expectations. Instead of CTR, it is the post click actions by the visitors that determine the rank of your website.

Lengthy content is better

Many so called SEO experts may have told you that 500 words long content is enough, but trust me it is not good enough. Web users have less patience than newspaper readers, but when it comes to information they don’t mind to read long articles. After all, the logic is simple. When you are writing something truly informative, how can you restrain it within 500 words? Take a look at Wikipedia and you will understand that short content is a myth. However, you must use bullet points, sub headings and short paragraphs so that readers don’t feel tired or bored.

Upload videos

It does not matter whether you sell a smartphone or offer web design services; it is always wise to upload videos for effective customer engagement. Online videos get better organic ranking than text content and note that I am not asking you to upload videos on YouTube. Upload videos to your site and use proper, keyword rich descriptions to help Google locate the dynamic content quickly. You can also upload your videos to YouTube, but don’t neglect your own website. For example, if you search for “buy smartphone” and then click on the “videos” result on the toolbar located at the top of the SERP, you will see that top 2-3 results are coming from websites, not YouTube.

Add a voice search facility

You must have used Siri or Google Now from your phone, right? Then why not add a voice search facility in your website itself? This way, your website visitors can simply utter what they are looking for once they reach your site from SERP and the site will solve their queries. Remember that user experience matters a lot when you are optimizing a website for search engines and an inbuilt voice search tool can take your website miles ahead of the competitors. In fact, Domino’s Pizza has already done this on their website and getting a great response from the customers.

Don’t forget local SEO

You may not have the right training to insert proper local specific keywords in your website content, but at least you can register in local business directories online and enlist your company in “Google My Business”. Before you spread your wings and target the national audience, it is important to tell people and Google exactly where you operate as this enhances your chance of getting a place on SERP when someone searches for area specific service like “plumbing in Mumbai” or “SEO services in Pune”.

Here is a bonus suggestion for you. The structure of a website plays a great role during search engine optimization. Therefore, when you hire a web designer to develop your website, ask him to make it responsive so that PC users, as well as smartphone users, can view the site comfortably. Mobilegeddon update already showed that websites must be mobile friendly or they will suffer and you simply don’t want to make Google unhappy.

Author Bio: Stephanie Clarke is a renowned Utah SEO expert and seasoned writer. She runs an internet marketing blog and a successful SEM company in Utah.

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