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Credit Cards

How to Choose the Best Rewards Card

Tweet If there is one thing Americans love, it is earning rewards for using their credit cards. According to a survey performed by Fidelity, over 55% of people who have

Credit Management

5 Dangerous Habits That Can Completely Ruin Your Credit

If you are trying to keep your financial life on track, it’s important to stay away from bad habits that could harm your credit rating.

Weekly Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip Feb 07: Credit Card Use Decreasing?

Consumer, media and market research firm Mintel recently confirmed what some analysts have been suspecting: America’s love affair with credit cards is on the decline. Instead, consumers are being a lot more careful with their spending, choosing to use a debit card to make many of their purchases.

Money Management

Protect Your Finances: 4 Common Mistakes When Sending Money Orders

Money orders are one of the most common types of financial transactions. They represent a way to transfer money of a pre-determined amount from one party to another.


Should I consider Debt Settlement?

If you’re struggling to meet your monthly loan payments or find yourself taking up more debt to pay your bills, there is a good chance that you’re already considering filing for bankruptcy.

Business Financing

What You Should Do If Your Company Is Struggling Financially

If your company is struggling financially, there are a few actions that you should take immediately. Addressing the issue earlier can help save your business and get you on track again in no time.

Home Selling

5 Tips to Avoid Foreclosure After You Lost Your Job

Foreclosure is a word most people never want to hear or discuss in their life. That is one of the main reasons why most Americans end up losing their homes if they ever come close to dealing with foreclosure.


4 Ideas That Will Make Budgeting Easier

Budgeting can be a challenge for anyone because it is easier said than done. If you set a certain budget to spend only $300 per month on groceries, per se, and something comes up, the budget is broken for the month.

Credit Management

7 Mistakes That can Bring Down Your Credit Score

Even if you don’t want to buy anything on credit in your entire life and believe in saving up and paying upfront, a good credit rating is still a must-have. Good credit will help you with a bunch of things, so it is important to avoid mistakes that will hurt this rating as much as possible.